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Content written by Ed Whelan

Rare Iron Age chariot with horses.

Headless Horses Galloping from the Grave Unearthed in UK Chariot Burial

British archaeologists have made an amazing discovery according to local media reports. Experts have unearthed a particularly interesting Iron Age chariot burial in northern Britain. This particular...
Blue Mosque, Afghanistan

Blue Mosque in Mazar-I-Sharif, Afghanistan: A Shrine of Renowned Beauty

Afghanistan is these days often associated with war and tragedy. However, it has a long history and has been an important cultural center for many centuries. The Asian country has numerous...
Bronze figurines found at Lchashen

The Fascinating Lchashen Settlement, Armenia: Where Elite Warriors Emerged from a Watery Grave

Thanks to globalization, the world is getting smaller and we can now travel to sites and places that were once difficult to see. Besides a long history and rich culture, there are many extraordinary...
Traditional Fijian village, Navala

Navala, Fiji: A Village Of Exquisite Beauty and Fascinating Culture

Fiji is renowned for its beaches and scenery, but the Pacific nation is less well-known for its history and culture. In Fiji, traditional society is still alive, and visitors can look forward to a...
The rare hoard, which includes Christian coins, has been linked to "one of the most dramatic events in the history of Caesarea."

Rare Gold ‘Christian Coins’ Shed Light on the Story of a Crusader Massacre in Ancient Caesarea

Many archaeological finds cannot be linked to one particular dramatic event. However, the recent discovery of a hoard of coins can be linked to one very significant event in the era of the Crusades,...
Skeletal remains of a handless man found just off Guernsey.

Handless Man Adds Further Intrigue to the Island of the Medieval Porpoise Grave

Archaeologists in the Channel Islands (part of the United Kingdom) made a baffling discovery recently. They discovered the handless skeleton of a man on one of the rocky islets located in the English...