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ArticleDNA Study Reveals We Have a Mystery Human Ancestor Ed Whelan143 weeks 6 days ago
ArticleResurrecting the Ancient Israelites From the Valley of Dry Bones Dr. Eran Elhaik44 weeks 1 day ago
ArticleMiners Strike Ice Age Gold Finding a Mummified Wolf Cub Ed Whelan01 month 2 days ago
ArticleTelling Seal Unearthed in Jerusalem Names Biblical Figure Ed Whelan31 month 1 week ago
ArticleNew Evidence Ends the Neanderthal Burial Debate Ed Whelan41 month 2 weeks ago
ArticleHas the Childhood Home of Jesus Christ Actually Been Found in Nazareth? Ed Whelan51 month 3 weeks ago
ArticleVardzia, Georgia’s Incredible Cave City Built By Their Fierce Queen Ed Whelan11 month 3 weeks ago
ArticleSurveillance of Looters Leads to Discovery of Sarcophagi in Turkey Ed Whelan11 month 3 weeks ago
ArticleMetal Detectorist In Scotland Unearths Rare Medieval Knife Ed Whelan31 month 3 weeks ago
ArticleRecent Dig Unearths Eight Tombs at Ancient Elis Necropolis Ed Whelan01 month 3 weeks ago
ArticleRunriket, Where the Power Struggle of a Viking Ruler is Written in Stone Ed Whelan01 month 3 weeks ago
ArticleMysterious Metal ‘Monolith’ Discovered In Utah Desert Ed Whelan61 month 3 weeks ago
ArticleImpressive Roman Military Base Found in Serbian Cornfield Ed Whelan01 month 4 weeks ago
ArticleMass Grave Found in the Netherlands: A Case of Medieval Slaughter? Ed Whelan11 month 4 weeks ago
ArticleButrint National Park, Preserving the Rise and Fall of an Ancient City Ed Whelan01 month 4 weeks ago
ArticleFeather Blanket Proves Importance of Turkeys to Pueblo Indians Ed Whelan02 months 5 hours ago
ArticleTech Reveals A Little Girl Mummy Who Doesn’t Look Like Her Portrait Ed Whelan02 months 20 hours ago
ArticlePetra’s Saudi Arabian Sister City, Hegra, Opens to the Public Ed Whelan12 months 21 hours ago
ArticleAthenian Agora, Where Some of the World’s Greatest Philosophers Gathered Ed Whelan02 months 2 days ago