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Illustration for the Chronicles from the Future - Paul Deinach

Chronicles from the Future: Second Diary, 3 years later - July 16 1922

SECOND DIARY *(the Diary when Dienach awakened from his second coma)


Note: Use the arrows at the bottom to navigate between the pages of the book.

July 16, 1922

The preparations for the trip, along with all the forgotten things I decided to get rid of, showed me the way to my old library where, hidden behind the rows of books, was lying the diary I kept for three years, from December of ’18 to February  of ’21. During the period of my illness, some friends had been taking care of the house, especially after my mother’s death. Last night I sat there, leafing through it, occasionally reading some of its pages. Between the lines I rediscovered, for a second, my old self – whom I had lost somewhere between all the unbelievable things that happened to me in the meantime. I re-experienced that guileless emotional atmosphere with such a genuine, pure thrill, breathing that pure scent of loyalty in the one and only love of my life. Something so rare and random… I knew back then that it was something pointless, but still, I couldn’t do otherwise.

Many things within me are different now, changed. And at this point, being the old dog I am, I can tell you that those moments were worth it all, they were precious, even if people thought that they were nothing but traces of an abnormal temperament.

Oh my precious Ann... Forgive me. Why won’t I think of you more often? Why won’t your memory dominate my mind like it used to? But these incredible countries I went to, changed everything for me. Neither my little hometown nor my first love fit me anymore.

But this is not the reason, it can’t be! I wouldn’t deserve your forgiveness if it were… This life journey and destiny of mine reminds me of a myth I had been told when I was little – the myth of the unjustly killed man. For years and years his soul was wandering around and in the wilderness of the night, you could still hear the crawling of his chains. But after justice was served he was never heard from again.

My first days back, two months ago, my fellow villagers welcomed my healthy and changed appearance with utter surprise. Their joy felt genuine. Most of them considered me dead. Luckily for me, however, the doctors in Zurich had an opposite view on the subject and therefore let me occupy a bed for 12 whole months-from May of ’21 to May of this year- tube-feeding me with special liquid foods.

Paul Dienach at the hospital

My mother had died before I got back. She left with a pain in her chest, that unbearable pain of a mother that didn’t see her child strong again. All the excitement and joy I felt, caused by my psychological resurrection, was eliminated in the beginning by my sorrow over the loss of my mother. My Lord, forgive that holy woman and let her rest in peace.

The priest is away in Italy. I still feel ashamed about the doubts I shared with him; my unfaithfulness. Like a massive sin. On the other hand, he couldn’t have possibly had any idea about all the incredible things that followed my three-year struggle between skepticism and remorse.

Paul Dienach working

I try to drive all these away using energy as an instrument, an energy I could have never imagined I possess. I’m constantly on the move.  I’ve taken care of all the inheritance issues, sold my land, I work in the fields in my free time and I’m trying to keep my mind occupied all the time. But when the night comes and all my friends are gone, all these memories, so recent but at the same time so distant, come back and haunt me before I fall asleep. And when these moments come, I can’t help but thinking about what I’ve lost.

From time to time it feels like I’m a waif of a real physiological shipwreck. And I can´t talk about my vicissitude to anybody, I can’t even confess it to the priest. The things I know cannot even be conceived by the human mind.  The lifeless paper is not just a lifeless paper anymore, it’s my own self. And my own self knows very well indeed the reasons of my firm conviction. And never, for as long as I live and breathe, will I be in fear that anyone will laugh about what I’ve experienced and seen with my own eyes. And I believe them with all the strength I have left in my heart.

Chronicles from the Future  is now available in Kindle or paperback format through  Amazon.

Copyright Achilleas Syrigos. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be republished.


This is starting to sound like H.G. Wells' Time Machine. That's the first thing I thought when I read the premise about how he went way into the future and found that another human race had 'evolved / emerged'. It even starts out with the lost lover and subsequent heartbreak and despair that lead him into the future! In the book / movie(s) he built the time machine, in this diary he fell into a coma. Either way his heartbreak lead him into the future. It'll be interesting to see if the parallels continue, especially considering that H.G. Wells was part of these secret societies - did he have access to this diary and rip it off for his time machine book?

Im confused... are there multiple pages under each section heading ("arrows" at the bottom of the page)?

ancient-origins's picture

Yes that’s correct. You can navigate through the different pages which we upload every 2nd day.


Hasn't it been at least two days now?

How come it stopped all of a sudden i had a feeling we would never get to see the real story, such a shame oh well carry on.

How come it stopped all of a sudden i had a feeling we would never get to see the real story, such a shame oh well carry on.

ancient-origins's picture

Nothing stopped. In haf an hour we will have the next part of the story posted :-)


Is there a way to have the entries automatically sent to us via e-mail?

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Yes, if you are a registered user, at the bottom there is a subscribe option where you can register to receive updates for new content.


So is that it, is that all you are posting? No more entries after "July 16 1922"?

Did you guys stop paying to add to the mystery of this diary? The legend behind this thing is that there are some very powerful people that do not want this to see the light of day.
Post more please. I like this guys some of writing. Feels like I am taking with him while reading it.

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No Andrew :-) Every second or third day we post part of the story. The reason of the delay is that we have a graphic designer working on the graphics. Today we posted another part . Enjoy!


thank you for your work