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Marcus Aurelius Distributing Bread to the People, by Joseph-Marie Vien  (1765) Musée de Picardie (Public Domain)

The Antonine Dynasty: The Good Roman Emperors

While much appreciated by the plebeians and especially by the army, Emperor Domitian was hated by the aristocracy and the Senate, which he himself despised. His absolutist attitude, his austere...
Facade of Temple (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Hatra, Iraqi Sanctuary Of Deities Withstanding Assault Over 2,000 Years

The ruins of Hatra, located 290 kilometers (180 miles) northwest of modern Baghdad, tell the story of a second century AD Kingdom, whose rulers walked hand-in-hand with the reigning Arsacid Dynasty...
Persecuted Christian. Source: PhotoGranary / Adobe Stock.

When Faith and Power Clash: How Christianity Divided the Roman Empire (Video)

In 107 AD, the Roman Empire was at its peak under Emperor Trajan's leadership, spanning 2 million square miles and 50 million subjects. However, the rise of Christianity, which promised to undermine...
Caricatures by Katsushika Hokusai (Wellcome Images/Public Domain)

From Frescos to Manga: The Ancient History of Comic Books

Debuted in 1825, The Glasgow Looking Glass - later renamed The Northern Looking Glass - was a satirical publication which lampooned the fashions and politics of the time. The Glasgow Looking Glass...
Depiction of one of the deaths of Roman emperors. In this case Roman senators murder Emperor Julius Caesar during a senate meeting. He served as emperor for just over 4 years. Source: Emilio Ereza / Adobe stock

Stats Geeks Reveal Shocking Trend in Mortality of Roman Emperors

A new study has revealed a fascinating insight into the pattern of violent deaths of Roman emperors. Researchers have been able to create a statistical model of the life expectancy of the rulers of...
Trajan's Column and The Church of the Most Holy Name of Mary at the Trajan Forum, Rome, Italy.

Trajan's Column: An Unyielding Pillar of Imperial Strength

A pillar of Emperor Trajan's military victories, the Column of Trajan is as much a benchmark of Rome's strength as an empire as it is a monument to Trajan's success as a leader. Situated at the...
Powerful Roman Emperor

The Five Good Emperors: Prosperity and Power Before the Final Fall

The Five Good Emperors is a term referring to a group of Roman emperors who reigned between the 1 st and 2 nd centuries AD. This period is often regarded to be the high point of the Roman Empire, as...
Gorsiumi freskok

Gorsium Archaeological Park: Once A Thriving Roman City Forgotten For Centuries

Gorsium-Herculia, once strategically important enough to host Roman Emperors, was rediscovered in 1866 by Floris Romer, ‘the father of Hungarian archaeology.’ One Roman mile (1,620 yards) from the...
Six of the Roman Emperors:

A Succinct Timeline of Roman Emperors—400 Years of Power Condensed

To say that the Roman Empire had its ups and downs would be the understatement of all understatements. No “nation” was more abruptly destabilized or even more abruptly stabilized than that of ancient...
The old imperial port of Rome reveals its archaeological remains.

Rome Reopens its Historical Imperial Port to the Public

Roman rule meant the control of Rome on ports and marine and land trade routes. In fact, Roman maritime commercial traffic was so important that they improved and expanded existing land routes,...
The extremely rare gold coin.

Hiker Finds Extremely Rare Gold Coin in Israel

A woman in the Galilee region of Israel stumbled across a rare gold coin while hiking with friends. The coin dates back to the year 107 AD and depicts the Roman Emperor Augustus. Only one other coin...
Ruins of luxurious imperial Roman villa

Ruins of luxurious imperial Roman villa to share its majesty once again

The ruins of an imperial Roman luxury villa that had heated floors, lavishly decorated rooms and a dramatic marble staircase leading down to a beach, is ready to share its majesty with the world once...