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Michelle Freson

Michelle Freson is a professional writer and editor and has spent many hundreds of wonderful hours working with and learning from fiction writers based all over the globe.

Born in July, 1971, Michelle has long since stopped working out her age on her fingers and simply considers herself young enough to take up any adventure, old enough avoid preservatives, and cynical enough to question everything. She’s a keen traveller, having inherited the bug from her parents and has lived in South Africa, India, Mauritius and the United Kingdom.

In her spare time she writes Urban Fantasy, reads anything she can lay her hands on, but particularly UF and history, and spends many hours exploring old graveyards. Her short stories have been included in two anthologies. 


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Mycenaean Cult Of The Dead And Burial Architecture

Mycenaean Cult Of The Dead And Burial Architecture

Tholos and the grave circles in the ancient citadel of Mycenae, located on a small hill, nestled between two larger hills on the fertile Argolid plain in the Peloponnese, Greece, exemplify a synergy...
Ezekiel’s vision The Valley of Dry Bones: loswl / CC BY-SA 2.0 .

Seeking The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel, Finding DNA

The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel have been considered lost for over 3,000 years, but recent evidence demonstrates that they were not lost, they had merely been scattered around the world and had...
Michelle Freson Ancient Origins Compilation

The Golden Age Of Heroes: The Glory Of The Mycenaean Civilization

The myths and legends of classical Greece told of a Golden Age of Heroes, of mighty kings, glorious palaces and warriors who fought courageously in fierce battles. This age that inspired the...
First Americans, photo of mural in the Page Museum, Los Angeles, by Travis S (CC BY-NC 2.0)

The Chumash: The Seashell First People Of North America

The question of how people first came to North America is as complicated as when they arrived. With new evidence comes new theories and the dates are being revised constantly. While the colonization...
Urquart Castle on Loch Ness, Scotland

Urquhart Castle – Guardian of Loch Ness and The Site of Bloody Scottish Battles

Urquhart Castle, overlooking Loch Ness from a rocky outcrop, is strategically placed in terms of defense and saw a great many conflicts during its 500 years as a medieval fortress , embroiled as it...
Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi                   Source:  jura-taranik / Adobe Stock

Humayun's Tomb, the Mughal Mausoleum That Changed India’s Architecture

Mughal Emperor Humayun ruled over vast territory in Asia from 1530 until he was ousted in 1540. With the aid of the Safavid, the ruling Persian dynasty, he regained his lands in 1556. Humayun was...
Restormel castle in Cornwall             Source: Richard Croft / CC BY SA 2.0

Restormel Castle, What the English Call ‘A Romantic Scene’

Restormel Castle is one of the four principal Norman castles of Cornwall and among the most notable in Britain for its circular design. Built in the 13th century, it was a luxurious residence and...
Beeston Castle entrance       Source: Dunja / Adobe Stock

Could the King Richard II’s Gold Still Be Hidden at Beeston Castle?

Perched on a large crag, Beeston Castle is one of the most dramatically situated medieval castles in England. Although what remains today represents the feats of medieval builders, much of what is...
Sarcophagus of Tutankhamun with close up on the crook and flail. 	Source: Public Domain

Why Did the Humble Crook and Flail Symbolism Appeal to the Pharaohs?

Kings and queens, monarchs, emperors and rulers all over the world, through time immemorial, have had the responsibility of leading their people and defending their kingdoms. Monarchs are viewed as...
Moldavite, green vitreous silica rock found in South Bohemia             Source: KPixMining/ Adobe Stock

The Cintamani Stone - A Truly Powerful Gem or a Humble Philosophy?

The Cintamani Stone, or Chintamani, long sought by treasure hunters, has captured the imagination of man through the ages as tales of this wish-fulfilling jewel have spread around the world. The...
Apothecary vintage set of bottles, herbs and mortar Source: Kiryl Lis/ Adobe Stock

Mithridate, Universal Antidote or the Ultimate Hoax?

Mithridate was one of the most complex and highly sought-after preparations during the Middle Ages and Renaissance era. This somewhat mythical, ancient tonic which contained more than 60 ingredients...
The Big Hole, Kimberley, South Africa

Kimberley Mine is Better Known as ‘The Big Hole’, but Was it Cursed?

It has always been accepted that Kimberley Mine in Northern Cape, South Africa is the deepest and biggest mine dug by hand. And yet, it isn’t. Jagersfontein Mine claims that title, but this fact has...
The Great Zimbabwe Ruins.

No Queen of Sheba Involved! Great Zimbabwe Ruins and Those Who Fought for the Truth

Great Zimbabwe was a medieval city of unparalleled architecture in southern Africa. Construction of the stone buildings started in the 11th century and continued for over 300 years. The city, built...
Somapura Mahavihara in Bangladesh.

Somapura Mahavihara: The Most Spectacular Pre-Islamic Monument in Bangladesh

Somapura Mahavihara is an 8th century Buddhist monastery and an important archaeological site located in Paharpur, Bangladesh. It is one of the five great mahaviharas, (meaning great vihara or large...
Main Street, Levuka historical port town.

Fascinating Levuka Historical Port Town: Former Home to Fijian Cannibals and Kings

Ovalau Island is Fiji as it used to be in days gone by - an unspoiled paradise with friendly locals, the rare tourist, and an incredibly interesting history. With its unhurried lifestyle, most things...
Colorful sunset at Lake Dwellings of the Stone and Bronze Age at Pfahlbaumuseum in Unteruhldingen on Lake Constance, Baden-Wurttemberg.

Pfahlbaumuseum, Germany: 5000 Years of Incredible History Preserved on Alpine Lakes

Prehistoric ‘pile dwellings’ were discovered only 150 years ago, and Europe’s past, before the advent of the written word, is well-preserved in numerous lakes and wetlands throughout the foothills of...