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Modified tiger shark teeth found in 7,000-year-old layers of Leang Panninge (top) and Leang Bulu’ Sipong 1 (bottom) on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Right; Shark tooth weapons from Kiribati and Hawai’i. Source: M.C. Langley/The Conversation, Right; The Trustees of The British Museum

Bringing a Shark to a Knife Fight: 7,000-year-old Shark-tooth Knives Discovered in Indonesia

Michelle Langley et al./The Conversation Excavations on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi have uncovered two unique and deadly artifacts dating back some 7,000 years – tiger shark teeth that were...
Living with the Dead: Corpses Dressed Up in Indonesian Tradition (Video)

Living with the Dead: Corpses Dressed Up in Indonesian Tradition (Video)

The Torajan people, living in Sulawesi, Indonesia, have a unique funeral tradition . According to their beliefs, a person isn't truly dead until water buffalo have been sacrificed at their funeral,...
An overview of the trench in the rock-shelter area at Leang Bulu Bettue, Sulawesi, from where the human remains have been excavated.		Source: Brumm et al., 2021, PLoS ONE /CC-BY 4.0

Earliest Human Remains Unearthed On Sulawesi, Indonesia

Archaeologists searching for skeletal remains of ancient Homo sapiens on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi have achieved their goal. In Leang Bulu Bettue cave in southwestern Sulawesi, they unearthed...
Warty Pig Cave Painting Discovered in Indonesia is a Game Changer

Warty Pig Cave Painting Discovered in Indonesia is a Game Changer

A team of archaeologists researching in Indonesia have come across what they think is the world’s oldest cave painting. The image has now been found to date back 45,500 years, older than any other...
A Bada Valley megalith, Indonesia.

Exploring the Mysterious Bada Valley Megaliths in Indonesia

Bada Valley (also known as Napu Valley) is a megalithic site situated in the Lore Lindu National Park, in the District of Poso, Central Sulawesi , Indonesia. Although the megaliths have yet to be...
The pocket-sized Ice Age artwork with an eye-like sunburst resembles a simple drawing of a sun. Source: Andrew Thomson, Author provided

Tiny Ice Age Art from Indonesia Confirms Humanity’s Creative Drive

By Michelle Langley , Adam Brumm , Adhi Oktaviana & Basran Burhan / The Conversation Archaeologists have unearthed two miniature stone engravings in Indonesia. These depict an anoa (dwarf buffalo...
The Indonesian cave art hunting scene panorama. Source: Credit: Adam Brumm, Agus Oktaviana

Indonesian Cave Art Demands Human Cultural Evolution Overhaul

A major discovery has been made in a limestone cave in Sulawesi, Indonesia - the earliest known hunting scene in the world has been identified on a hard to reach cliff face. At least 43,900 years ago...
Limestone ‘tower’ karst region in the south of Sulawesi, where Leang Burung 2 is located.

Ancient Stone Tools Found on Sulawesi, but who made them Remains a Mystery

Adam Brumm /The Conversation Another collection of stone tools dating back more than 50,000 years has been unearthed on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Details of the find, at a rock-shelter known...
The Walanae River at Paroto, east of Talepu, where some of the tools were found. Inserts: Professor Mike Morwood in 2009 examining stone artifacts collected near Talepu and Hand stencils in the Cave of Fingers.

Sulawesi Discoveries: Earliest Human Occupation Pushed Back 60,000 Years and Some of the Oldest Cave Paintings in the World

New research on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi shows the possible presence of an archaic species of hominins there dating back more than 100,000 years—at least 60,000 years earlier than the island...
Newly dated Asian cave drawings

Newly dated Asian cave drawings rewrite history of human art

A new study published in the journal Nature has revealed that ancient paintings of hands and animals found within seven limestone caves on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, are as old as famous...