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  1. Archaeologists Discover Rare Seventh century Islamic dwelling in Qatar

    ... have stumbled upon a rare find in the south of Al Wakrah, Qatar – the remains of a well-preserved seventh century Islamic dwelling ... explained Fatima Merekhan, a team member from the Qatar Museums Authority (QMA). Interestingly, the dwelling appears to have ...

    aprilholloway - 16/07/2013 - 01:59

  2. New Investigations Begin on the Pyramid of the Mysterious Queen Khennuwa

    After almost a century, archaeologists are re-entering the burial chambers of the mysterious Queen Khennuwa, who remains a mysterious personality of the Kingdom of Meroe.

    Natalia Klimczak - 23/02/2016 - 21:51

  3. The Disappearing Petroglyphs of the UAE: An ongoing and avoidable tragedy

    ... Rock art and dot carvings at Jebel Jassassiyeh (Qatar) dating to c. 4000 BC. ( CC BY 2.0 ) The petroglyphs have ...

    David Millar - 06/10/2015 - 03:48

  4. Origin of Ancient Egyptian Beads is Out of this World

    ... Egypt’s Iron Age. Thilo Rehren, a professor at UCL Qatar, a Western Asian outpost of the University College London's Institute of ...

    aprilholloway - 20/08/2013 - 03:26

  5. Qhapaq Nan, the Grand Route of the Incas, wins World Heritage Status

    ... was made at the World Heritage Committee meeting in Doha (Qatar). Qhapaq Ñan, otherwise known as the Main Andean Road, was the ...

    aprilholloway - 22/06/2014 - 23:02

  6. First Pictorial Representation of Gobekli Tepe Found

    ... Smith, a British telecommunications consultant living in Qatar, visited Sanliurfa’s new archaeology museum, just 8 miles (13 ...

    ancient-origins - 17/09/2015 - 01:27

  7. Archaeological Marvels Unearthed in Sudan

    ... in Sudan is picking up due to agreements with the Qatar Government. Exhibitions have been held in France and Germany to highlight ...

    aprilholloway - 26/04/2013 - 08:28

  8. Archaeologists from Mainz reveal new findings on the history of the early-Islamic caliphate palace Khirbat al-Minya

    ... Discover Rare Seventh century Islamic dwelling in Qatar Wadi Al-Salam: Magnificent Ancient Cemetery in Iraq is Largest in ...

    ancient-origins - 23/10/2016 - 01:06

  9. Clear Evidence of 4,000-Year-Old Trading Post Unearthed Near Abu Dhabi

    ... oldest civilizations in the Gulf, expanded from Kuwait to Qatar and is best remembered due to its maritime prowess that allowed its ...

    Theodoros Karasavvas - 05/06/2017 - 22:55

  10. The Kaaba Black Stone: A Holy Stone from Outer Space?

    ... Discover Rare Seventh century Islamic dwelling in Qatar ‘Historical Amnesia’ has led to forgotten achievements of ...

    Bryan Hill - 24/08/2015 - 03:49