This is what the Earth’s Black Box, when it is finally set up in Tasmania, will look like.		Source: Earth’s Black Box

Is The 32ft-long Apocalyptic ‘Earth’s Black Box’ Sheer Catastrophism?


Based on the assumption that climate change will destroy Earth soon, a supercomputer in a giant “black box,” is about to be set up in Tasmania, Australia. The supercomputer black box was created to record all conditions leading up to a “predicted” global collapse. As you will see, without denying climate change whatsoever, this rings of sheer catastrophism. Big data about Earth’s impending demise will now be available to survivors of a future apocalypse, should Mother Earth ever reset life on the planet. Earth’s temperature, sea levels and atmospheric CO2 will all be recorded within the Tasmanian “Black Box steel megalith” for future Mad-Maxes to learn the evils of their ancestors, and how they killed the planet.

Soon to be built near Tasmania's western coast, about four hours north of Hobart on the River Derwent, the so-called indestructible solar-powered supercomputer, housed in a big “black box,” will also record news headlines and social media posts. According to Science Alerts , having been built “to outlive us all,” the supercomputer will document the events “that lead to the demise of the planet.”

Climate change will be a huge focus for the Earth’s Black Box project including shrinking ice coverage. (Earth’s Black Box)

Climate change will be a huge focus for the Earth’s Black Box project including shrinking ice coverage. ( Earth’s Black Box )

Earth’s Black Box Project Will Record Our Demise

When the first passenger flights started landing in the ocean the world became aware of the term “black box,” which records all of the conditions onboard a plane, and surrounding crafts, prior to aviation accidents. The Daily Mail explains, similarly, that Tasmania’s “ Earth’s Black Box ” project will record scientific temperature, sea level and atmospheric CO2 data, “documenting how humanity failed to avoid a climate disaster.”

The Earth’s Black Box project has been led by marketing firm Clemenger BBDO in collaboration with the University of Tasmania. Jim Curtis from Clemenger BBDO told ABC News that if the Earth does “crash as a result of climate change, this indestructible recording device will be there for whoever’s left.”

Construction will begin in mid-2022 after some major hurdles are overcome. For example, how will a post-apocalyptic human be able to access and use the data stored on Black Box?

The Earth’s Black Box project will also record atmospheric pollution like what’s coming out of these smokestacks. ( Earth’s Black Box )

Recording Climate Change and “Non-biased Contextual Data”

The supercomputer within the 32-foot-long (9.8-meter-long) steel black box structure will not only record land and sea temperatures, ocean acidification and atmospheric CO2, but also “ species extinction , land-use changes, as well as human population, military spending and energy consumption.” This information will be supported by masses of what is being called “non-biased contextual data” like social media posts and news headlines about climate change meetings.

I call bull here because how will these algorithms remain objective and how will they choose what to record and what not to record on the internet? How does the device decide what is newsworthy and what is not for future survivors to know about? Or how does the software choose which science papers to include? This is quite important really, for if Fake news is left out, survivors of an apocalypse will surely be destined to repeat the same mistakes.

Wildfires and forest fires will also be recorded by Earth’s Black Box. (Earth’s Black Box)

Wildfires and forest fires will also be recorded by Earth’s Black Box. ( Earth’s Black Box )

Slow Down, This Is All Getting Very Hollywood

Tasmania was reportedly chosen primarily because of its relative “geopolitical and geological stability, over Malta, Norway and Qatar.” However, there is also constant sun in Tasmania, and being solar powered, the computer will download all of the new scientific data during the day.

All things considered, Jim Curtis and the team from Clemenger BBDO have what is essentially a good idea, albeit an old one, for this is really just an electronic time capsule . However, it sounds like the project team members are from an older school of thinking, one that leans heavily on geological catastrophism. Catastrophists theorize that the Earth has largely been shaped by sudden, short-lived, violent events, while uniformitarianism, on the other hand, charts slow incremental changes.

Clemenger said the purpose of the new device is to provide an unbiased account of the events that lead to “the demise of the planet.” And, he warned that unless we “dramatically transform” our way of life, climate change and other “man-made perils” will cause our “civilization to crash.” In two sentences we hear demise, dramatic, perils and civilization crash. Thus, this entire pitch is like reading the synopsis of a Hollywood disaster movie, which simply must be intended to stimulate fear-funding.

Top image: This is what the Earth’s Black Box, when it is finally set up in Tasmania, will look like. Source: Earth’s Black Box

By Ashley Cowie


Mankind still has not learned their lesson. We are not here to leave a legacy. We are here to figure out who controls the Force of Life, because that's our ultimate owner.

“….For seven and a half million years, Deep Thought computed and calculated, and in the end announced that the answer was in fact Forty-two – and so another, even bigger, computer had to be built to find out what the actual question was...”

Pete Wagner's picture

Yes, my friend, we keep our eyes open very wide to the relics that exist, that are presented, and ask, why do they exist in the condition they exist in?  The pyramids, for example, are unmoved, still stand, even after the calamity or assault that assumably flattened Atlantis and maybe decimated many parts of the world (also left as a desert, Sinai, Gobi, American West, Australian outback, etc., where the desertification lacks good, scientific explanation).  What may still lie under the Antarctic ice?  The Spinx also stands, but like the Giant Buddha, seems to have had the head recarved/modernized at least once.  Seems it was likely once adorned with hair, was it golden, and did this anger the dark-haired invaders?  As far as Stonehenge goes, what happened to the rest of the structure, the smaller stones, the roof, and the people who survived the long nuclear winter/Ice Age within her?  And what happened to the truth, the stories, the culture, the tribal love that sustained them?  Seems maybe another tirbe rolled in after the ice melted, a tribe who were intent upon (and good at) wiping away all that which didn’t serve their plans to rule and enslave.  Just questions, no sense of urgency, and but no lack of curiousity, all in LIGHT of the ugly mess that is the modern world.

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.

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Good point Pete, although we have learned a lot more about our past, not just from the markings on stones,  but in the ways our predecessors utilized and arranged them, and it seems there’s lots more to learn.

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Stone can be/has been blasted and carved over, so what really lasts?  Only oral history, ...if we could keep it.

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.


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