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This is what the Earth’s Black Box, when it is finally set up in Tasmania, will look like.		Source: Earth’s Black Box

Is The 32ft-long Apocalyptic ‘Earth’s Black Box’ Sheer Catastrophism?

Based on the assumption that climate change will destroy Earth soon, a supercomputer in a giant “black box,” is about to be set up in Tasmania, Australia. The supercomputer black box was created to...
The pipe decorated with the image of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger.    Source: Darren Watton / ABC News

Tiger Design Pipe is ‘Holy Grail’ of Tasmanian Archaeology

A rare 200-year-old clay pipe depicting a Tasmanian tiger is being called the “holy grail” of Tasmanian archaeology. Discovered in a bottle dump in Launceston, in the north of Tasmania , Australia,...
Aborigines using fire to hunt kangaroos by Joseph Lycett (ca. 1817)  Source: The Conversation / National Library of Australia

New Research Turns Tasmanian Aboriginal History On Its Head

Ted Lefroy et al / The Conversation American farmer and poet Wendell Berry said of the first Europeans in North America that they came with vision, but not with sight. They came with vision of former...
The remains of the hospital at Port Arthur, Tasmania

Why Archaeology Is So Much More Than Just Digging

By Richard Tuffin and Martin GIbbs /The Conversation It is our experience that most people think archaeology mainly means digging in the dirt. Admit to strangers that you are of the archaeological...
Spiky Bridge

Spiky Bridge: Tasmania’s Quirky Wall with Convict Heritage

The Spiky Bridge is a well-known feature and attraction on Tasmania’s east coast in Australia, but you could easily miss the turnoff because the view is spectacular! It’s well worth stopping along...
Detail of the painting ‘The Ale-House Door’ (c. 1790) by Henry Singleton.

Oldest Bottle of Beer in the World Recovered from Shipwreck Inspires Recreation of Historic Brew

A 220-year-old bottle of beer recovered from the Sydney Cove shipwreck that sank near Tasmania in Australia has inspired creativity amongst a team of researchers. They have used yeast found within...
The Cave of the Golden Boomerang

Is this the Sistine Chapel of Pre-historic art?

Of all the constructions, engravings, paintings and Original sites we have seen, none were more remote or difficult to reach, or ever return to, than the Cave of the Golden Boomerang. Neither Evan or...