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The Lajia noodles are the earliest record of noodles discovered in China.  Source: ting/Adobe Stock

Lajia Noodles: Unraveling the Enigma of the World's Oldest Culinary Delights

Have you ever pondered the origins of your beloved noodle dishes? From the picturesque shores of northern Italy to the tantalizing Pho bowls in Vietnam and the delectable Niu Rou Mian in Taiwan...
Kurozu Japanese Vinegar. Source: kazoka303030 / Adobe Stock.

Kurozu: Rare Japanese Vinegar is Worth Its Weight in Gold (Video)

In a small southern Japanese town called Fukuyama, there is a unique type of vinegar that has been brewed for over 200 years using a traditional fermentation method. It is called kurozu, a Japanese...
Japanese Geisha. Source: DivineWorld / Adobe Stock.

How to Get Geisha-Like Skin with Ancient Japanese Rice Water Treatment

Traditional beauty tips and tricks from the Eastern hemisphere, particularly South Asia and Southeast Asia, are all the rage in the Western world. As more knowledge and information is disseminated...
The ancient Chinese made sticky rice mortar by using sticky rice for construction. Source: Atstock Productions / Adobe Stock

Sticky Rice Mortar Used in Ancient Chinese Architecture

Ancient Chinese culture has made great contributions to humanity. The so-called Four Great Inventions of China – the compass , gunpowder , paper , and printing – are still being used extensively...
Rice Beer Was Consumed in Sacred Rituals 9,000 Years Ago in China

Rice Beer Was Consumed in Sacred Rituals 9,000 Years Ago in China

A team of researchers performing excavations at an ancient burial site in southcentral China have found proof that people were drinking rice beer there 9,000 years ago . This drinking wouldn’t have...
Colorful Indian Kangayam Holy Cow ready for pongal festival.           Source: pradeep/ Adobe stock

Happy Pongal! The Ancient Indian Festival That Honors Nature

Many societies celebrate the changing of the seasons and harvest time. One of the most elaborate festivals in India is the Lohri, better known as the Pongal. This is a four-day Hindu festival that...
Rice goddesses are found across cultures

Rice Goddesses - Earth Mothers who Influenced Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld

For centuries, rice has been a staple diet and plays an important role in Asian culture. Although rice farmers have found their lives becoming more difficult due to climate change, Bloomberg states...
Egyptian hieroglyphics depict the pouring out of beer.

The Strange and Wonderful World of Ancient Brews

Many of us now enjoy unusual alcoholic beverage concoctions since the advent of the craft beer and cocktail movements. What we may not realize is that fellow humans have been carrying on like this...
A painting of Kublai Khan, as he would have appeared in the 1260s. This is actually a posthumous that was made shortly after his death in February 1294, by a Nepalese artist and astronomer

An Ancient Rice Field and a Lost Palace: Archaeologists Get a Double Dose of Luck in China

Archaeologists working in China have been pretty lucky recently. One of the discoveries they have made may be the oldest wet rice field in the world. Another is the possible location of the imperial...
The area known as “street 9” in Lothal, Gujarat, India.

The Extensive Indus Valley Sites of Gujarat

The Indus Valley Civilization is believed to have existed between the 3rd and 2nd millenniums BC. This civilization covered an area of around 1,210,000 square km (467,183.6 square mi). As a...
Zhang Daoling, the First Celestial Master of Taoism

Temple ruins excavated at the Palace of Zhang Daoling, the First Celestial Master of Taoism

An important ancient temple site dedicated to the founder of a sect of Taoism has recently been excavated by Chinese archaeologists. In China's Jiangxi Province, the archaeological site of ruins of...
2500 years old rice - Japan

Archaeologists discover 2,500-year-old rice – will we ever resurrect it?

Archaeologists have uncovered eleven grains of brown rice at a former rice paddy at the Akitsu archaeological site in Goze, Japan. They are believed to date back around 2,500 years. This is not...