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The knight’s rare medieval reliquary – an encolpion. Source: Institute of Archeology of the University of Lodz

Polish Archaeologists Find Rare Reliquary Belonging to a Medieval Knight

The “first fully systematic study of mound relics” in Poland’s Wozniki, a stronghold, has led to the discovery of a rarely encountered encolpion, i.e., a cross-shaped reliquary, from the structure...
Representation of the holy grail. Source:  F. J. Carneros / Adobe Stock.

The Holy Grail: Could Valencia's Sacred Chalice Be the One? (Video)

In the realm of ancient mysteries and sacred relics, few objects captivate the imagination as powerfully as the Holy Grail . Often shrouded in enigmatic tales and elusive quests, the search for this...
The Precious Blood of Christ reliquary recovered by Arthur Brand. Source: Arthur Brand

Precious Blood of Christ Relic Returned By Wary Thieves

One of the most sacred relics of the Catholic Church, known as the ‘Precious Blood of Christ,’ contained in an elaborate golden shrine, was stolen from Fécamp Abbey Church in Normandy, France on June...
A Viking Burial. Credit: Igor Igorevich / Adobe Stock

Viking King Buried With a Pillow and Fine Silk, New Study Confirms

It’s amazing what we can learn from ancient textiles and other artifacts with scientific analysis. The Viking burial textiles in the coffins of two powerful Danish Vikings are providing us with...
The gold cross found in Bulgaria.

Archaeologists Find ‘World’s First’ Golden Cross, But Will it Contain Fragments of the Cross of Jesus?

Archaeologists have announced the discovery of a golden cross, thought to contain remnants of the Holy Cross of Jesus, in the medieval capital of the Bulgarian Empire. The cross is a striking piece...
What is in that Reliquary? Trying to Find the True Cross

What is in that Reliquary? Trying to Find the True Cross

The cross of Jesus is one of the most important objects in Christianity and there are many reliquaries around the world which are believed to contain a piece of the cross. The most famous one is...
Obradoiro square in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia (Spain), Saint James the Greater.

Who is Buried in the Famous Shrine of St James in Santiago de Compostela?

The legend of the Apostle John’s brother is one of the most important stories in Spanish Christianity. According to legend, a man who was a friend of Jesus is buried in the cathedral in Santiago de...
Rediscovery of the Relics of St Mark, a 14th century painting by Paolo Veneziano

Religious Artifacts found alongside Bones in Attic may be Relics of a Saint

A resident of St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, has found what may be religious relics hundreds of years old in his attic. The man's daughter contacted a museum, an archaeologist, some nuns, a jeweler...
Ancient relic found containing ashes from the grave of John the Apostle

Ancient relic found containing ashes from the grave of John the Apostle

Excavations at a medieval port and fortress in Bulgaria have led archaeologists to discover several artifacts of significance. A lead vessel containing ashes from the alleged grave of John the...