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Representational image of a person lava sledding in Hawaii. Source: AI generated

Ancient Hawaiians Would Sled Down Lava-Covered Volcanoes

He'e holua lava sledding was, and is, an exhilarating ancient Hawaii pastime. But this was not just an extreme sport enjoyed by natives to the islands. He'e holua was a significant part of Hawaiian...
Hawaiian girls dancing in front of volcano (Julia Held/ Adobe Stock)

Returning Volcanic Rocks Of Pele, Ancient Fire Goddess Of Hawaii

Creation in action. That is how one Hawaiian resident describes the goddess Pele’s movement. The earth’s red blood issuing into the sky, creating new landmasses and changing the planet itself,...
Waipio Valley: Home of Demons, Demi-Gods, and Despots

Waipio Valley: Home of Demons, Demi-Gods, and Despots

Hidden deep in the dark blue heart of the Pacific Ocean drifts the Hawaiian Archipelago. One of the youngest landmasses on the planet, made up of 137 volcanic islands covering an area of 1,500 miles...
Gods Forgotten Mount Sea Mountain Frozen Ocean

The Mythological Pantheon of Ancient Islands: Cosmic Sharks and Whale Riders

Complicated words and pictures printed on parents’ newspapers mean absolutely nothing in the imaginative realm of children; however magical beings, fantastic creatures and obscure landscapes...
Red flowers apparently left as an offering for the volcano goddess Pele at the edge of the Halema'uma'u Crater in the Kilauea caldera at Volcanoes National Park on the Island of Hawaii

Passions of Pele: The Hawaiian Goddess of Fire

Kilauea, one of earth’s most active volcanoes located on the island of Hawaii, is believed to be inhabited by a family of gods. One member of the family has become the most visible of all the old...
The dramatic eruption of a volcano – eyewitness accounts, ancient chronicles, and mythical tales have surrounded this terrifying and astounding natural phenomenon since the dawn of man. Vesuvius erupting, painting by Johan Christian Dahl.

Deadly Volcanoes: The Eruptions that Reshaped the World and Became Legends - Part II

Read part 1 . The ancients witnessed the awesome and raw power of erupting volcanos , and sent out warnings through time in the form of religion lessons, myths, legends and chronicles. These amazing...