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Hawaiian girls dancing in front of volcano (Julia Held/ Adobe Stock)

Returning Volcanic Rocks Of Pele, Ancient Fire Goddess Of Hawaii


Creation in action.  That is how one Hawaiian resident describes the goddess Pele’s movement.  The earth’s red blood issuing into the sky, creating new landmasses and changing the planet itself, washing it anew.  It is at once a process of renewal and purification, and from the beginning of time, her force has been, and always will be, unstoppable.  Her home is at Halemaumau Crater, Wahi Kapu o Pele (The Sacred Home of Pele) in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, although her influence spreads worldwide.  Also referred to as Pelehonuamea, “ She who shapes the Sacred Land ,” believers in her presence hold her in awe.  And even those who do not believe such a goddess resides on Hawaii’s main island still behold the volcano’s beauty and creative and destructive forces with reverence.

Pele by David Howard Hitchcock (c. 1929) (Public Domain)

Pele by David Howard Hitchcock (c. 1929) ( Public Domain )

Testimonials to Pele

The last major eruption occurred in 1932, but Pele is constantly in motion and there are many smaller eruptions that are generally not reported outside of Hawaii.  The main island itself has few cities, and even those cities would be better classified as towns by outsiders.  In a recent interview, one Hawaiian resident describes what had occurred to him during a little-reported minor eruption several decades ago.  His home is just outside of Hilo, between that hub city and Hakalau. “ I was sitting on the porch when I first felt it.  The ground started to tremble, and that is when I knew she was angry.  About a mile away from our place I saw a fissure burst and lava extended what looked like a mile high into the sky and threw rocks and debris all over.  Then I saw the flow start toward the house, eating everything in its path.  The fumes killed animals and insects, and the nearby grasses and then bushes ignited before the lava even reached them.  The fires spread to the trees and then homes, and when the lava finally came through, it wiped out everything in its path, including our home and all our possessions.  We watched from a distance as it all burned away, and when it was finally safe to return, we examined the damage and found one patch of land about an acre in size, and within that patch was a living dog, whom we took in and named Lucky.  Hence, Pele gives and Pele takes.  That is why she is to be respected, and if anyone is going to visit her, they must bring a gift .”


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Top Image : Hawaiian girls dancing in front of volcano ( Julia Held / Adobe Stock )

By: Ken Jeremiah

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Dr Ken Jeremiah

DR. KEN JEREMIAH has written several books about religions, mummification, and spirituality, including Living Buddhas, Christian Mummification, and Eternal Remains.  Other books cover the martial arts, golf, and unusual historical phenomena, such as Remnants of a Distant Past, If the... Read More

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