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This is one of the two rare huge Olmec reliefs from 900-400 BC found in the province of Tabasco, Mexico, which signal the transitional Mayanization of Olmec motifs, according to INAH archaeologists. Source: INAH

Two Huge Stone Olmec Reliefs Depict Rulers in Divine Trance Pose

Massive monuments and two carved limestone Olmec reliefs of local rulers have been recovered from the municipality of Tenosique in south-eastern Mexico. The rulers in this extremely rare Olmec relief...
Replica of a sculpture made by the Olmecs, the ancient rubber people of Mesoamerica. Source: Stoica / Adobe Stock

The Ancient Rubber People of Mesoamerica

Ancient civilizations in Mexico and Central America were making rubber decades before Michelin ever entered into business. For the Aztecs, Maya, and Olmecs, rubber production was a central part of...
The colossal stone head is a major icon of the culture of the Olmecs

The Olmecs: Mesoamerican Mother Culture of Colossal Heads and Giant Mysteries

Mexico is perhaps most well-known, archaeologically speaking, as the home of the Aztec civilization. Yet, before the arrival of the Aztecs, another sophisticated civilization, the Olmecs , ruled the...
Drawing of Omitlan by W Niven (Design deriv by Liz Leafloor Ancient-Origins)

Omitlàn: In Search of a Lost City in Mesoamerica

In 1891, the American geologist and antiquarian William Niven set off on a journey of discovery and exploration through the Mexican state of Guerrero. What he found would change the course of his...
El Tajín

El Tajín, The Lost City of a Mysterious People

In recent decades many lost cities have been uncovered by archaeologists or explorers. One of the most mysterious is the ancient city of El Tajín in the state of Veracruz, Mexico . The city was...
A view of the great megalithic walls surrounding the Acropolis of Chimalacatlan. Some of the stones measure over 3 meters long, with an estimated weight of between 5 to 8 tons.

Tamoanchan – In Search of the Lost Cradle of Mesoamerican Civilizations

The oldest Nahua legends speak of a mythical place called Tamoanchan , considered to be the cradle of all Mesoamerican civilizations and a sort of terrestrial paradise from which the ancestors of the...
Clyde Winters

Dr Clyde Winters

Dr. Clyde Winters is an Educator , Anthropologist and Linguist. He has taught Education and Linguistics at Saint Xavier University -Chicago and Governors State Univerity. Dr. Winters is the author of...
Gutemala Stone Head

The Stone Head of Guatemala that History Wants to Forget

Over half a century ago, deep in the jungles of Guatemala, a gigantic stone head was uncovered. The face had fine features, thin lips and large nose and its face was directed up at the sky. Unusually...

Olmecs, Ancient American Civilization with African Characteristics

When we speak about ancient Mexico, the first civilizations that come to mind are the Maya, the Incas, and the Aztecs. It wasn’t until the 1930s when a mysterious civilization was discovered that...