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Clyde Winters

Dr Clyde Winters


Dr. Clyde Winters is an Educator , Anthropologist and Linguist. He has taught Education and Linguistics at Saint Xavier University -Chicago and Governors State Univerity. Dr. Winters is the author of numerous articles on anthropology, archeogenetics and linguistics. His articles have appeared in the Journal of Black Studies, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Science, Bio Essays, Current Science, International Journal of Human Genetics, International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics, and Journal of Modern African Studies. 

Dr. Winters has deciphered the Meroitic, Olmec and Danubian writing systems. His latest book is Archaeological Decipherment of Ancient Writing Systems



What do mean by self-inserting your Afrocentric/racial angenda into Mesoamerican history ? How is it possible your so-called credentials have not yet been revoked on part of your blatant racism ? If your fantastical visions of a pan-Atlantic subsaharan African civilization spanning Mesoamerica was based on truth, why then is the evidence of such an extraordinary culture nonexistent whereas thirty thousand years worth of empiral and archeological evidence to the contrary exists in the physical artifacts and genomes of indigenous Americans alive today ? The publishing of your books and articles is unacceptable, insulting and disrespectful not only to each and every archeologist and anthropologist, historian and scholar dedicating their very lives in combating one racist theory after another, but your work is in every way hurtful to the integrity and pride of each and every First Nation tribal member of the Western Hemisphere today. How is it so foreign a concept to you that Amerindians handcrafted their societies all by themselves without any external influence? I used to be a neo-nazi myself before I took cultural anthropology and authentic historical research seriously. I recognize a racist ideology and agenda when I see it. Please explain yourself. If you have any respect for Native Americans or any other demographic who’s suffered horribly from western colonialism via forced globalism you would remove your travesties from this site and remove yourself from each and every scholarly community you've had the audacity to involve yourself in.

As you have rightly pointed out the Origin of Writing a script started in the land of the ancient Tamils much before CE. The literary and grammatical works available in Thamizhi, in Tamil-Brahmi, the Grantha – Thamizh, and the Pallava era Tamil inscriptions followed by the Chozha era VaTTezhuththu are significant proof od the pudding. I am happy to find your work rigorous and fully sustaining in Historiographic values. It shall be my pleasure to exchange works of mine with you. Kindly share your mail Id. with me, if you don’t mind my intrusion.

[email protected] ( Unesco Fellow and a British Council Exchange Scholar).


Dr. Vridhachalem Pillay Subramaniam.,

That is a very negative and crude manner of understanding what Clyde Winters has researched and written about the Origin of Scripts. May I request the critique to justify the judgement of “ racist afrocentric “ and “ a pseudo person” in scientific and scholarly terms?

Kindly present your arguments that have been published so far in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Vridhachalem Pillay Subramaniam.,

Why are this racist afrocentric Clyde winter allowed to post here that's a pusedo person... This website has gone with wing..

I love your work.

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