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Mars Manned Mission

Manned Mission on Mars in 2018


The non-profit Organization Inspiration Mars Foundation has the intention to send two people to Mars on January 18, 2018. The reason why the date is so specific is because this is the closest time that Mars and Earth will be aligned in a suitable way to minimize the roundtrip to Mars. And according to the calculations the next window will be in 2031. So if this window is missed then we would have to wait another 12 years, unless of course Warp Engines or other ‘Alien’ technology will be developed by then.

The chief technology officer of the foundation says that everything can be ready in less than five years which gives enough time to be ready by 2018. The most challenging parts of the preparations are the life support system and the environmental control. In space, radiation levels are dangerously high which means that proper shielding of the spacecraft needs to be done. We should also think of the psychological issues related to such a trip. Imagine been confined in a relatively small area with nowhere else to go and with minimal human communication.

The trip would last 501 days and they will reach a distance of 61 million kilometres away from Earth, making this of course the furthest distance man has travelled. This mission will be a great achievement for humanity and open new doors of exploration.

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