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This must have been the imagined landscape of John Wilkins' 17th-century moon mission just as his flying chariot left the clouds behind. Source: flashmovie / Adobe Stock

Astronomer John Wilkins Planned a Moon Mission in 1640 AD with a Flying Chariot!

In 1961, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit the Earth. In 1969, the American Apollo 11 moon mission placed the first human boots on the surface of the moon. These nations...
Curiosity Rover on Mars looks for water

Water on Mars Provides Hope for Human Habitation

The first sample of dust and soil analysed by NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover in August 2012 was found to contain a substantial amount of water . This discovery provided new hope that a manned mission to...
Sao Miguel das Missoes, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.   Source: GF de Almeida / CC BY 2.0

Sao Miguel das Missoes Brazil, A Mission Forced to Abandon its Converts

Brazil is a huge country, well known for its carnivals, rich coffee, fantastic soccer players, and diverse heritage. One of its most remarkable archaeological sites is the São Miguel das Missões...
Top of Statue of Saints Cyril and Methodius

Cyril and Methodius - Spiritual Fathers of Slavic Civilization

In many ways, Eastern Europe owes its cultural and religious shape to the two missionary brothers, Saint Cyril (827-869 AD) and Saint Methodius (826-884 AD). These two brothers were sent as...
The Comet that Changed Civilization – And May Do Again

The Comet that Changed Civilization – And May Do Again

On 30 September this year the first human spacecraft ever to orbit a comet was deliberately crashed onto its surface in order to get the closest possible pictures of the enigmatic celestial body...
Mars Manned Mission

Manned Mission on Mars in 2018

The non-profit Organization Inspiration Mars Foundation has the intention to send two people to Mars on January 18, 2018. The reason why the date is so specific is because this is the closest time...