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Mark Johnston

Mark Johnston has been a self-described “history nerd” from a very young age. In the seventh grade, he researched and wrote a paper on Roman gladiators just for fun. When he wasn’t frivolously writing essays nobody asked for, Mark spent his time buried in a computer playing games like Zeus: Master of Olympus, in which he frequently cheated . More recently, he attended Mount Royal University where he majored in history and creative writing and wrote many, many more papers. He was thrilled to discover that, this time, people actually wanted to read them.

Mark currently lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his wife, Carmen. They are expecting their first child any day now, and Mark is fervently hoping for a nerd. When not researching or writing, Mark enjoys writing and recording music, hiking in the majestic Rocky Mountains, and of course, still plays Zeus: Master of Olympus. He still cheats.


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