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Rivers on Mars

Curiosity Rover Discovers Ancient Network of Rivers on Mars


The Mars Curiosity rover has found an ancient river system or an intermittently wet lake bed that would have had favourable conditions for living microbes.

'We have found a habitable environment that is so benign and supportive of life, that probably if this water was around and you had been there, you would have been able to drink it,' said John Grotzinger, Curiosity's project scientist.

A key question of the Rover mission has been whether Mars could once have supported a habitable environment and, for the first time, scientists now believe the answer is affirmative.

The rover gathered a sample of dust from the river bed and results of the analysis have now confirmed the presence of some of the key chemical ingredients for life.

According to Mr Grotzinger, ‘Curiosity is on a mission of discovery and exploration, and as a team we feel there are many more exciting discoveries ahead of us in the months and years to come.'

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