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Old image of Parramatta River by Broadhurst, William Henry, 1855-1927	Source: Public Domain

Meta-Study of Parramatta Reveals All About Sydney’s Pre-Historic Past

A team of archaeologists asked if Aboriginal population recovery in Australia was delayed after the Last Glacial Maximum? For answers, they analyzed archaeological evidence from Australia’s...
The remaining arch of Fort Kyk-Over-Al         Source: homocosmicos/ Adobe Stock

Fort Kyk-Over-Al and the Dutch Defense of Guyana

The Dutch have had a long presence in the Caribbean and Latin America and a form of Dutch is still spoken in parts of the region. The European nation has left many architectural and archaeological...
Rivers on Mars

Curiosity Rover Discovers Ancient Network of Rivers on Mars

The Mars Curiosity rover has found an ancient river system or an intermittently wet lake bed that would have had favourable conditions for living microbes. 'We have found a habitable environment that...