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Mars Curiosity Drill

Possible evidence for life in ancient Mars


Last month, Curiosity did its first drill on the surface of Mars. The section of Mars that the drill took place was where there was a great possibility for that part to have been under water in the past. The next step was for Curiosity to proceed with analysis of the sample collected.

The last few days it was reported by scientist John Grotzinger that they have found a habitable environment. Simple organic forms were found in the powdered sample of rock. The materials found could only form in water that can support life (non-acidic).

Furthermore, carbon dioxide was found in the drill sample which is an element available to any living organism.

However it is not clear yet if the organic material found was brought to Mars by Curiosity from Earth or is indigenous to Mars.

Inside the rock it has been discovered that the iron compounds of the surface do not exist. And since the surface is acidic, couldn’t support life. But under the surface iron compounds do not exist and the colour is grey. Another element showing the possibility of an ancient habitable Mars.

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