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Ancient Chinese Tools

Old tools found in China go back earlier in time than previously believed


In a publication on the Journal of Human Evolution, Feng Li, Steven L. Kuhnm Xing Gao and Fu-you Chen have investigated the presence of large blade technology in East Eurasia.

Lithic assemblages that were found at the Shuidonggou Palaeolithic site in Northern China, indicate in comparison with old findings that the large blade technology didn’t appear 24,000 to 29,000 years ago as was previously accepted but 34,000 to 38,000 years ago.

It is in the same area of Shuidonggou when 2 months ago Professor Gao Xing and Dr Peng Fei have found an engraved stone artefact, the first non-organic artefact from the entire Palaeolithic China.

It is not known how exactly this kind of technology was transferred to China, mainly because of the lack of many Palaeolithic sites.

You can read more here.

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