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Space Colonization

How about humans colonizing Space in the Future?

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If Star Trek a few decades ago looked like extreme science fiction, today we are getting closer to it to becoming a future reality.  Scientists have been making significant progress in space exploration over the last decade and NASA, as well as privately funded companies have grandiose plans over the next 20 years – including manned missions to Mars.  Furthermore, we already know that Scientists are working on WARP technology (the technology used in the Space ships of Star Trek).

We shouldn’t forget that astronomers in the 50s would totally agree that Space travel would be an impossibility. It wasn’t but only 2 decades later that we have sent a man to the moon. If you would talk about the technology that we have today to people 50 years ago they would call you crazy.

British astronomer, Sir Martin Rees, in a very interesting article in the Telegraph describes how he thinks that humans could colonize other Worlds in the future. Asteroid mining is also in the schedule as well as Mars colonization. So are we close to colonizing the Space? Well if we don’t find the technology that can take us out of our solar system, then in our solar system the chances for a full scale colonization are small because no other known planet offers Earth’s living conditions… yet.

And what about the famous ‘Singularity’, that is, the scenario of humanity being taken over by intelligent machines? Are we close to that? Well, I personally believe we are very close towards intelligent self-reliant machines. The computer power increases more and more and with the advances in robotics and artificial intelligence it won’t take more than a few decades for the computers to become ‘conscious’. And if that happens and you combine that with discovery of how to hibernate the human body, then even with our slow space technology, getting out of our solar system won’t be very far away.

By John Black

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John Black

Dr John (Ioannis) Syrigos initially began writing on Ancient Origins under the pen name John Black. He is both a co-owner and co-founder of Ancient Origins.

John is a computer & electrical engineer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, a... Read More

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