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Earth and Moon Water Source

The Earth and Moon had the same water source


There have been many theories about how the Moon was formed. There is the Capture Theory supporting the idea that Moon was formed somewhere else and later was captured by the gravitational forces of Earth. The colliding Planetesimals Theory suggests that the moon was created by condensed debris in the early times of our Solar System. The Condensation Theory supports the idea that both Earth and the Moon were created together at the beginning of the Solar system. Finally, the Fission and Ejected Ring theories suggest that the Earth and Moon were once one.

Scientists researching the Ejected Ring theory, which suggests that the Moon was created/ejected after the collision of Earth with another planet of the size of Mars, have found indications that the water on the Moon and on Earth probably have the same origin. Their findings are based on measurements of glass found within lunar rocks in crystal formation where water can be trapped in such crystalline structures.

Analysis of the water molecules has shown that it is the same found on meteorites in our solar system’s asteroid belt. At the same time this finding shows that the initial source of water may have been the meteorites and the same applies for the water on Earth, as the scientists suggest, since the terrestrial water is similar.

However, astronomers suggest that there is a great probability that during the time of the Early Earth a few billion years ago there was water on Earth and once the impact with the large planetary body took place then the moon was created taking with it water from Earth.

Of course that is still an assumption and more studies are required to determine if it is true.

By John Black


Hydrogen Isotopes in Lunar Volcanic Glasses and Melt Inclusions Reveal a Carbonaceous Chondrite Heritage

Alberto E. Saal1, Erik H. Hauri2,  James A. Van Orman3,  Malcolm J. Rutherford1

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