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During a mysterious German museum attack, at least 70 priceless artifacts have been damaged on Museum Island in Berlin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is made up of the Altes Museum, the Bode-Museum, the Neues Museum, the Pergamon Museum and the Alte Nationalgalerie, seen here. Source: Anna Pakutina / Adobe Stock

German Museum Attacks Seem Inspired by Conspiracy Theorists

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Authorities are stunned, after a series of German museum attacks on priceless historic artifacts and artworks. A liquid has been smeared on famous exhibits at three renowned Berlin museums. It is believed that the attacks are linked to bizarre conspiracy theories, spread by right-wing activists. They have spread an idea that the museums are linked to satanic rituals and cabals. These incidents are the worst attacks on art in Germany since the end of World War II.

All the acts of vandalism took place on Berlin's Museum Island. This is a network of five museums that have collectively attained the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vandals smeared a mysterious oily liquid on 70 priceless artefacts. Some works have been damaged and bear visible stains, but thankfully, most of the damage was minor. An employee of one of the museums told the BBC that “most of the damage was superficial. Some of it we had to use a torch to find.”

Pergamon Altar

The objects damaged are held at the Pergamon Museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie and the Neues Museum. Among the items smeared with what seems to be some kind of oil were Egyptian sarcophagi, sculptures, and 19th-century paintings. The attacks were particularly concentrated on the Pergamon Museum.

This was specially built to house the world-famous Pergamon Altar. This remarkable object was commissioned by the Hellenistic King Eumenes II. In the 2 nd century BC Pergamon, located in modern Turkey, was a regional power in Asia Minor until it was absorbed by the Roman Empire.

The BBC reports that “local reports said a 9th century BC sculpture had been attacked along with a 3D exhibit of the original Pergamon Altar, which is currently under renovation.” Now, this is not the first time that the Museum Island has been the scene of a crime. In 2017, the Bode Museum was raided, and a precious gold coin stolen.

Was the German Museum Attack Motivated by Conspiracy Theorists?

The attacks took place on the 2 nd of October but have only been revealed to the public recently. Local police are quoted by the BBC as saying that they “have been investigating the attack for a while.” For “strategic reasons” they had not notified the press until now. In any criminal investigation, it is important to establish the motive. The German police “could not comment on a motive behind the attack,” reports the BBC.

The attacks are similar to an incident in Athens in 2018 when two Bulgarian women smeared artworks with oil because of a weird interpretation of the Bible. There is also a potential link between the celebrations for German unification and the attacks. However, it seems more likely that the vandalism was instigated by conspiracy theorists who have been very active in recent months in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Off Their Rocker: Conspiracy Theorists Claim Museum Is Center of Satanism

One conspiracy theory argues that the Pergamon Museum is a center for satanic rituals. It argues that the reconstructed marble altar is being used for all types of abominable practices, including human sacrifice. These ludicrous stories have been linked to Attila Hildmann, a former celebrity chef. He has become associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory which has been linked to the far-right. This theory states that a Satanic group of pedophiles is trying to take over the world and want to overthrow President Trump. 

Hildmann, claimed that the German chancellor has ordered the altar to be used for human sacrifices, carried out by a cabal of Satanists. According to The Guardian, the former celebrity stated on his Telegraph account, “Fact! It is the throne of Baal (Satan).” Over the summer he told a large crowd that the altar in the Pergamon Museum was the “center of global Satanists and Corona criminals.” The vast majority of people may find this all ludicrous, but some people are giving credence to the claims.

Fear of Attacks from Far-Right in Germany

The activities of conspiracy theories are causing great concern in Germany, especially the security services. Members of the Jewish community fear that the lies spread by conspiracy theorists could lead to an increase in anti-Semitism. The attacks on the artworks serves as a warning about the growing power of right-wing extremists in Germany, which given the nations’ history is very worrying. The government of Chancellor Merkel has passed stringent laws on defamation on social media and this was motivated in part by the need to counter the disinformation of the conspiracy theorists.

Top image: During a mysterious German museum attack, at least 70 priceless artifacts have been damaged on Museum Island in Berlin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is made up of the Altes Museum, the Bode-Museum, the Neues Museum, the Pergamon Museum and the Alte Nationalgalerie, seen here. Source: Anna Pakutina / Adobe Stock

By Ed Whelan



Yea no, the only conspiracy thoery I know of is the one printed here in this article that Trump supporters are flying into Germany and throwing oil on rocks because they think Satan is gonna sit his butt down there. So maybe this writer is also an anti-semite. Or perhaps a: “racist sexist bigtoed homophobe anti-semite misogynist” Did I get them all in there? 

It is funny/ironic that such a website would peddle the same fear-mongering tripe as the corporate mainstream media (evil and dangerous Trump-supporting far right conspiracy theorists, anti-semitism, blah blah blah) but I am disappointed that this website is not immune to such pettiness. Equally or more likely is the possibility that this vandalism came from new “immigrants” of a certain religious inclination who have been vandalising and attacking religious and historical monuments all over Europe for extemist/religious purposes. One week past a European man was beheaded in the streets for drawing Mohamed. But apparently we can’t talk about that because we do not want to hurt the feelings of the poor brown people or something xD...must be those crazy Turkish Trump supporters in Germany, right?? And honestly, what does anti-semitism have to do with any of this vandalism? This is moronic, the “writer” of this article should feel bad. 

Hi Ed,

This is truly an alarming article Ed thank you for sharing this information.

In addition to the throwing things in Berlin's Museum artifacts and displays has anyone noticed while these attacks with graffiti and other horrendous Acts happened if anything was stolen from the Museum?

I wonder if those geniuses (I'm being sarcastic) read Judges? God calls on Gideon whose of The Tribe of Manessah, great-grandson of Joesph to deliver his People out from the hand of the Midianites & Sarceans apparently, the scriptures described these two Tribes in Judges as that of The Locust.

Why I'm wondering if the Vandals read Judges?

Because The Angel of The Lord instructed Gideon to destroy the Altars dedicated to the false-god Ba'al.

Gideon completed the Job with the assistance of his Servant at Night.

The townspeople tried to confront Gideon who worshipped Ba'al by attempting to execute Him. Save for his Father who told the people should you defend Ba'al let Ba'al defend himself if He's a god.

Then again maybe they haven't read Judges or any part of The Bible. I just wondered because the smashing artifacts in addition to the spraying things.

Troubling thing I'm beginning to wonder is for how long the bad feeling is going to be around Globally?

1930's-1940's lasted no less than 20 Year's.

A 90 year old Holocaust Survivor back in I think 2018 or 2019 stated He didn't understand why Germany is in shock that the Nazi's are back They've Always Been Here.

I found out from Japanese News in Tokyo one of the World Leaders is in the process of severing The Pact that was made with Japan after 75 years.

70's in The Bible relayed to significant moments in Time with History translates too Week's- So one week in the Bible is 7 Year's, 70 weeks in the Bible stands for 70 Year's.

75 weeks with Japan means that something is coming to an end I just don't know what? Like I mentioned Hitler & Mussolini did what they committed no less than 20 Weeks which is 20 Years.

Man I pray this is over soon what's happening in Berlin is definitely going to start up elsewhere. I still think they may need to check and see if anything is missing after The Attacks.

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