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Illustration depicting the Kaspar Hauser legend of his incarceration. Source: Public domain

Smallpox Vaccine Sheds New Light on Mysterious Kaspar Hauser Legend

In May 1828, the Bavarian city of Nuremberg was gripped by the sudden appearance of a young man named Kaspar Hauser. Clutching two letters of introduction, his arrival revealed a story of isolation...
Representational image of the ruins of the lost City of Caesars in an overgrown jungle. Source: warmtail / Adobe Stock

Exploring the City of Caesars: Patagonia's Legendary Lost City

Legend has it that the City of Caesars, otherwise known as the Wandering City, once existed in Patagonia, nestled between contemporary Chile and Argentina. Despite rumors and reports having...
Deciphering the psychology behind the belief in starseeds. Source: Caphira Lescante / Adobe Stock

Starseeds: Psychologists On Why Some People Think They’re Aliens Living On Earth

By Ken Drinkwater et al. / The Conversation There’s a new group of people on Earth who believe they’re aliens. Star people, or starseeds, are individuals who believe they have come to Earth from...
The traditional belief is that the princes, Edward V and Prince Richard, were executed under orders from Richard III. (Public domain)

Richard III Not Guilty of Murdering His Nephews, Researchers Conclude

Many historians have suspected the last British monarch from the House of York was responsible for the dastardly deed of having ordered the execution of his two young nephews in 1483, in an attempt...
During a mysterious German museum attack, at least 70 priceless artifacts have been damaged on Museum Island in Berlin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is made up of the Altes Museum, the Bode-Museum, the Neues Museum, the Pergamon Museum and the Alte Nationalgalerie, seen here. Source: Anna Pakutina / Adobe Stock

German Museum Attacks Seem Inspired by Conspiracy Theorists

Authorities are stunned, after a series of German museum attacks on priceless historic artifacts and artworks. A liquid has been smeared on famous exhibits at three renowned Berlin museums. It is...
Elon Musk’s “Ancient Aliens” Twitter comment has caused many questions about who built the pyramids and alien life.                       Source: merydolla / Adobe Stock

Elon Musk's “Ancient Aliens” Twittersphere Controversy Continues

The modern world is filled with self-appointed experts who investigate various events, legends and historical texts looking for evidence of historic contact between humans and extraterrestrial life...