The City of Caesars

The City of Caesars


The City of Caesars is a mythical city that is said to have to existed in Patagonia, in between present-day Chile and Argentina. According to the legends, it was a city rich with gold and diamonds, and with inhabitants that have been described in a variety of ways, from European-looking to giants.

The first reference of the city comes from Francisco Cesar , who went on an expedition in Argentina in 1528. According to Francisco, they found a rich city made of precious metals deep inside the Andean mountains, which he called Ciudad de los Césares (tthe City of Caesars'). Another reference to the city can be traced to 1540 when a shipwreck in the straits of Magellan resulted in the loss of about 200 lives. The twist in the story occurred when in 1563—twenty-three years later—two of the lost crew returned to Chile and told the story of their adventure and how they discovered a city full of treasures attributed to the Incas. Yet another story originated in the 17th century and refers to Spanish colonists who found a city which they believed was the lost City of Caesars.

More research in our century has been done by the Delphos Foundation who report that a fortress found in the province of Rio Negro in Argentine, known as ‘Argentine Fort’, is part of one of the fortresses of the City of Caesars. According to this research, they believe this fortress was built by the Templars to protect the Holy Grail. According to many researchers, the Templars travelled to America  before Christopher Colombus, and one theory mentions that the Holy Grail, along with the rest of the Templar treasure, made its way to America before the massacre of the Templar Knights.

The researchers of the Delphos Foundation support their hypothesis with maps, specifically a map published in 1865 by Juan Antonio Victor Martin de Moussy, a cartographer who refers to the Fort as the ‘Ancient abandoned Fort’. The Delphos Foundation led many expeditions to the area from 1997 to 2006.

Whether the Fortress is the key to finding the mythical city or not is something yet to be discovered; but if this city really exists, as the Delphos Foundation suggests, the questions remain - who built it and why, and where is it now?

By April Holloway

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