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Largest handwritten family tree in the world. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Great Big Story.

The Largest Handwritten Family Tree in the World (Video)

In the sacred grounds of Haridwar, India, beside the flowing Ganges , lies an extraordinary marvel. This remarkable marvel is the largest handwritten family tree globally. Maintained by dedicated...
Native Alaskan Eskimo woman - could have Chinese lineage.   Source: Agnieszka/Adobe Stock

Breakthrough in Peopling of the Americas Finds a Female Lineage from China

A groundbreaking new study has harnessed the power of mitochondrial DNA to trace a marvelous female lineage from northern coastal China all the way to the Americas. This has revealed compelling...
Ancient DNA analysis is unlocking secrets about the genetic legacy of the Levites of ancient Israel. Source: Distant Shores Media/Sweet Publishing/ CC BY-SA 3.0 overlayed and cropped onto ankreative / Adobe Stock

Ancient DNA Analysis Reconstructs Legacy of the Biblical Levites

The biblical Levites were a group of people from the tribe of Levi set apart for religious service in ancient Israel. The most famous Levite was Aaron, Moses 's big brother and the first priest. The...
God Speed’ (1900) by Edmund Leighton. William the Conqueror’s parents may not have been exactly like this knight and lady, but their love story is an interesting one!

William the Conqueror’s Parents: The Story of Robert the Bonk-erer and Herleva

What would you say if the mom of one of the most notorious kings of the Middle Ages was actually an embalmer’s daughter? Well, such an idea is actually not that far-fetched, especially because even...
Adam and Eve (1640s) by Jacob Jordaens.

Do Adam and Eve Fit into the Evolutionary Story?

The common male and female ancestors of human beings are popularly known as “Genetic Adam” and “Genetic Eve.” A study conducted by researchers at the University of Sheffield claims all men can trace...
Apadana Hall, fifth-century BC carving of Persian archers and Median soldiers in traditional costume (Medians are wearing rounded hats and boots)

Kings of the Umman Manda (Media): Their Hidden Origins and History – Part I

The term Medes, as a single ethnic group that encompasses all Media, is generic. It seems that the region of Media encompassed many smaller and independent principalities ruled by chieftains instead...
: Relief on the Apadana Staircase on the eastern wall [of the Apadana Palace] from the ruins at Persepolis, “the Persian City”, ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire. Deriv

Did Darius Hijack the Persian Throne? Destroying Rebellion and Securing the Future – Part II

With the death of King Cambyses II, the Persian Empire was in a state of war and confusion over who was the rightful heir. Even though the populace agreed that Gaumata was the rightful heir to the...
The wrecking of the White Ship

Tragic Accident or Mass Murder? The Sinking of the White Ship leads to Disaster for England

Many year ago, before modern air travel, the only way to travel across large bodies of water was by ship. Many passengers would crowd onto a large vessel for a lengthy journey to their destination...
Statue of Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan Not the Only Genes in Town - Genetic Founding Fathers of Asia were Mystery Men

Genghis Khan was not just an infamously ruthless warrior, and founder of the largest contiguous empire in history, but was also a prolific father as well, siring so many children that now 0.5 percent...
Tulum Underwater Cave - Mexico

Underwater discovery in submerged Mexican cave provides glimpse of First Americans

The oldest complete Ice Age skeleton found in an underwater cave in Mexico may help solve a long-standing mystery regarding the identity of the earliest inhabitants of America and how they are...