A collection of tablets displaying Indus Valley script.

Decoding the mysterious ancient Indus Valley script will shed light on powerful ancient civilization

Linguists have cracked many tough scripts, from Mesopotamian cuneiform to Egyptian hieroglyphic to Central American Mayan glyphs, but there are a few ancient, mysterious scripts still in the field...
The Asur People - Hindu

Indus Valley Civilization Built By Technically Advanced Ancient Tribe

The sophisticated Indus civilization flourished over four millennia ago spanning an area greater than that of ancient Egypt in what is now Pakistan and western India. They lived in well-planned...
Indus Civilization - Peace and Wars

Archaeologists say the Indus civilization wasn’t nearly as peaceful as popularly thought

The Indus civilization was long believed to be a peaceful civilization, vastly different from the violent civilization of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. However, new research published in the...
Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus Valley Civilization – One of the Oldest and Most Neglected

In the same period that the Egyptians were building their pyramids, the people in the Indus Valley (located in what is today Pakistan and western India), were building India’s first cities. Evidence...