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Traditional cooking. Source: Виталий Борковский / Adobe Stock

How Five of The Oldest Cooking Traditions Survived Centuries (Video)


Throughout history, culinary practices have been a cornerstone of cultural heritage, reflecting the tastes, techniques, and ingenuity of generations past. As time progresses, many traditional recipes and techniques are lost or adapted to suit contemporary tastes. However, some ancient cooking traditions have stood the test of time, not only remaining relevant but also cherished as symbols of national identity and pride. The art of making phyllo dough in Greece, for instance, has been passed down through generations, resulting in the delicate, flaky pastries we know and love today. Similarly, the thousand-year-old Japanese tradition of roasted rice cakes, or mochi, continues to be a beloved staple in both traditional and modern Japanese cuisine. In India, the production of a rare cashew liquor, known as feni, has been sustained by skilled distillers who continue to use traditional techniques despite the availability of modern alternatives.

These time-honored culinary gems have persisted for centuries, often through the tireless efforts of dedicated artisans and communities working to preserve their legacy. These practices are not only a testament to the resilience of ancient knowledge but also a celebration of the richness and diversity of human culinary innovation.

Top image: Traditional cooking. Source: Виталий Борковский / Adobe Stock

By Joanna Gillan

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Joanna Gillan is a Co-Owner, Editor and Writer of Ancient Origins. 

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