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A meat and vegetable stew in a black cauldron cooking over an open fire. Source: Sunshower Shots/Adobe Stock

What Exactly Was Medieval Cuisine Like? (Video)

In the heart of Farleigh Hungerford's medieval castle , Chef Steve Ruddell revives ancient recipes, unveiling the rich tapestry of medieval cuisine . His gastronomic journey commences with a...
Traditional cooking. Source: Виталий Борковский / Adobe Stock

How Five of The Oldest Cooking Traditions Survived Centuries (Video)

Throughout history, culinary practices have been a cornerstone of cultural heritage, reflecting the tastes, techniques, and ingenuity of generations past. As time progresses, many traditional recipes...
Humans have been bonding over popcorn and beer for centuries. What other ancient foods are we still eating today? Source: Nejron Photo / Adobe Stock

12 Ancient Foods That We Still Love Today

There are few things humans love more than food. For centuries, humans have been creating new, delicious recipes to enjoy. While we may eat somewhat differently nowadays (after all, I don’t think our...
A man contorting his face at the idea of some of the weirdest foods in history. Source: Kurhan / Adobe Stock

A Test for the Taste Buds: The 7 Weirdest Foods in History

In many ways, the culinary arts of preparing food are the oldest in the world. Ever since becoming sentient, humans had to experiment with cooking in order to sustain themselves. From the dawn of...
Andy Hook from Blackfriars Restaurant in Newcastle has joined forces with Giles Gaspar from Durham University’s Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, along with a group of scholars and chefs, to create a series of courses aiming to teach students about medieval food. Source: Eat Medieval

Calling Medieval Foodies! Online Courses for Cooking Medieval Food

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This old adage has now been taken to a whole new level in the northeast of England. A team of...
Eat Like a Viking: Ancient Gruel Was Tastier Than it Sounds!

Eat Like a Viking: Ancient Gruel Was Tastier Than it Sounds!

Gruel . Indecipherable grey mush slopped on a plate? Not necessarily! Viking food was simple but that was just the beginning. Porridge and gruel made from whole or cracked grains were popular meals...
Babylonian relief carving. Credit: Andrea Izzotti / Adobe Stock

Eat Like a Mesopotamian: Experts Reconstruct 4000-Year-Old Recipes

Mesopotamia is considered to be home to one of the first civilizations and it decisively shaped world history. Now thanks to some of the oldest culinary recipes, inscribed on clay tablets, we now...
Traité des Fardements et Confitures, Lyon 1556.

Treatise on Make-up and Jam: A Bestselling Cookbook by Nostradamus

It is undeniable that Michel de Nostredame (more commonly known as Nostradamus) is most renowned for his published collection of prophecies known as Les Prophéties , or in English as The Prophecies...
1,000-year-old Middle Eastern recipe book

1,000-year-old Middle Eastern recipe book claims to have the ultimate hangover cure

Written nearly a thousand years ago, the Kitab al-tabikh (book of cookery) written by Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq, is the most comprehensive work of its kind. It includes more than 600 recipes for culinary...