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Poseidon, god of the Mediterranean Sea. Source: Luke / Adobe Stock

Poseidon’s Wrath: The Scourge of the Sea Peoples

Perhaps 3,000 years from now archaeologists will be debating the reasons for the diaspora that occurred in the lands around the Mediterranean Sea during the early 21st century. What would have...
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Resisting the Odds: The Inspiring Story of Gaza’s Pottery Artisans (Video)

For decades, the people of Gaza have faced immense challenges as a result of the ongoing armed conflict and political turmoil in the region. Despite the adversity, however, there are those who have...
A photograph of a similar Roman-era lead coffin discovered in Spain in 2019. This is not the sarcophagus reported in this article, but is representational, based on its similar appearance. Source: Granada Hoy

Roman-Era Sarcophagus Made of Lead Discovered in Gaza

Deep in the heart of the hotly contested Palestinian strip of Gaza, a 2,000-year-old lead sarcophagus has been unearthed, believed to hail from the illustrious Roman era. Located just 500 meters (0.3...
Men working at the Roman cemetery discovered in Gaza. Source: Gaza Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Construction Project Digs Up 2,000-Year-Old Roman Cemetery in Gaza

A construction crew working at a residential building site in northern Gaza in Palestine unearthed a most unexpected and historically significant find. While digging deep into the bedrock, the...
3,600-Year-Old Town of Treasures Excavated in Gaza

3,600-Year-Old Town of Treasures Excavated in Gaza

A rich trading town dating back about 3,600 years has been under excavation in the Gaza Strip on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Archaeologists have uncovered stunning gold jewelry, scarabs and...
As the Bulldozers Continue, Will the Recently Discovered Ruins of a Byzantine Church Be Lost Forever?

As the Bulldozers Continue, Will the Recently Discovered Ruins of a Byzantine Church Be Lost Forever?

During the preparatory works to build a shopping center in Gaza (Palestine), a group of workers discovered ancient ruins. Archaeologists have identified them as possible parts of a Byzantine church...
Bronze Apollo Statue in Gaza

Rare bronze statue of Greek god Apollo appears in Gaza

An incredibly rare 2,000-year-old bronze statue of the Greek god Apollo has recently appeared in Gaza, only to be seized immediately by police and vanish once again from view. It is not known where...
Gaza's ancient ruins

Archaeologists race against time to save Gaza's ancient ruins

A plethora of archaeological treasures lie scattered across the territory of what is now known as the Gaza strip, a stretch of land on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea that borders Egypt...