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Understanding the Zodiac

The zodiac is a concept all about anatomy. The zodiac as we are all familiar with today, is the band of constellations around the equatorial zone of Earth. The zodiac also represents the twelve chakras or twelve divisions of the human body. These two aspects of the zodiac are common knowledge now and were a great revolution thousands of years ago and defined the concept that the World was influenced by the surrounding creative energies of the cosmos.

This basic discovery forged global stories, myths and legends. This concept developed to God figures and Celestial parents of which all express the common theme, that a Celestial body exerts creative energies. Thousands of years ago the night sky, the mesmerising beauty was seen by the naked eye.   

The most obvious, but also the seemingly lost major message of the zodiac is the recognition of the World body and connection. Each of the zodiac signs are both animal or World observations and anatomical representations. Each sign represents a twelfth division of the World also around the equator and the observations from each of these regions. If we consider the North pole connecting to the Northern Polaris and the South pole connecting to the Southern Polaris, this basic connection seems logical. Likewise the twelve constellation also have a connection to the twelve zones of the World. Our ancient cultures stamped the twelve zones of the World body, from the heads of Easter Island to Cancer as Stonehenge, to Leo the sphinx, Virgo the Virgin Mary, even the Merlion is half way between Leo and the tail. Discover the pattern.