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Excavating ancient human skeleton, representational image. Source: Microgen / Adobe Stock.

1,000-Year-Old Skeleton Couple Unearthed and the Woman is Missing Her Face!

While performing excavations at the site of an ancient imperial palace in the village of Eisleben in Germany, archaeologists unearthed the ruins of castle fortifications, as well as the 1,000-year-...
Scottish broch. Source: ivan / Adobe Stock.

Unlocking the Secrets of Scotland’s 2,000-Year-Old ‘Skyscrapers’

In the heart of Scotland's captivating wilderness, an enigma from the past stands tall, shrouded in mystery and curiosity. These towering stone structures, known as brochs , have silently witnessed...
Alatri acropolis cyclopean wall by the Porta Maggiorre. Source: Laura Tabone

The Cyclopean Problem: Who Built Italy’s Astounding Ancient Walls?

Megalithic cyclopean masonry is found in many parts of Italy, including Lazio , Abruzzo, Campania, Umbria, Tuscany and Molise. This type of masonry involves fitting together huge differently shaped...
The compacted human excrement found inside a medieval barrel toilet at the Old Berwick Hospital site in Northumberland, England.   Source: Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Medieval Loo and Strange Foundation Walls Found at UK’s Berwick Hospital

An archaeological dig prior to the demolition of the Old Berwick Hospital site, built in 1874 in the town of Berwick in Northumberland, continues to unveil interesting discoveries about the town’s...
Is this ancient military technology or the future? Given how the evolution of technology unfolded it is likely a combination of both. 		Source: Dusan Kostic / Adobe

Huge Study Tracks The Global Evolution of Ancient Military Technology

An international team of researchers has published a paper that sheds new light on how ancient military technology and the weapons industry changed through time. Their ancient military technology...
Major British Project to Reveal Secrets of Historic York City Walls

Major British Project to Reveal Secrets of Historic York City Walls

A major excavation has been announced to investigate the famous city walls of York. The city walls are considered some of the finest in all of the British Isles if not Europe. These walls have played...
Concept art of Asian palace - South Korea

Massive Earthen Ramparts in South Korea Believed to Be Hiding an Ancient Palace

Archaeologists in South Korea believe they have unearthed evidence of a 6th century palace of Ara Gaya, an ancient city-state kingdom, in the modern town of Haman in the Gyeongsang Province of South...
The Roman hob-nailed boot print on the ground and a 3D scan of it

Archaeologists find hobnailed boot print of Roman soldier in Israel

Archaeologists excavating an ancient Roman fortified hill town in Israel have made a remarkable find there: hobnailed-boot prints typical of a Roman soldier. The Romans had “boots on the ground,” as...
Citadel of King David

Has the legendary citadel captured by King David been found?

An Israeli archaeologist claims to have located the citadel supposedly captured by King David in his conquest of Jerusalem. However, the controversial discovery has reignited the debate about using...
4,000-Year-Old Fortifications of Stone Age city - Shina

4,000-Year-Old Fortifications of Stone Age city discovered in China

Chinese archaeologists have uncovered fortifications surrounding the Shimao ruins – the largest Neolithic Chinese city ever discovered – including two huge beacon towers. The Shimao ruins , located...