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As the MegalithHunter, Laura explores her fascination with the megalith builders of the Neolithic. These prehistoric ancients went to tremendous efforts to move stones weighing tonnes and although there are many theories as to why they did this, there’s no ultimate explanation for it. After many years in business, Laura returned to study, graduating with a Master of Arts in Mediterranean Studies from the University of Malta. This interdisciplinary course of study has helped her develop the methodology she uses as an independent researcher and writer. 






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Alatri acropolis cyclopean wall by the Porta Maggiorre. Source: Laura Tabone

The Cyclopean Problem: Who Built Italy’s Astounding Ancient Walls?

Megalithic cyclopean masonry is found in many parts of Italy, including Lazio , Abruzzo, Campania, Umbria, Tuscany and Molise. This type of masonry involves fitting together huge differently shaped...
Archaeologists have deciphered what could be the origins of the Latin alphabet in graffiti found at the Temple of Hathor near the Serâbît el-Khâdim mines. Serâbît el-Khâdim in the background and the evolution of the letter “A” in the foreground. Source: Einsamer Schütze / CC BY-SA 3.0 & Till Nikolaus von Heiseler / CC BY 4.0

From an Ox to an “A”: The Ancient Egyptian Origins of the Latin Alphabet

As crazy as it sounds, it’s now well attested that the letter “A” started out its evolution as the Egyptian hieroglyph for an ox. But its truly mind-blowing transformation came when turquoise miners...
Catacombs of St Paul, Malta. Source: Konstantin Aksenov / Adobe Stock

Malta Underground: Religious Legends, Cave Churches and Subterranean Shrines

Religious visions have frequently taken place in the dark damp setting of caves and subterranean chambers making them attractive locations for shrines, chapels, pilgrimages and healing. One of the...
Agape Table at the St. Paul’s Catacombs in Rabat, Malta. Source: etfoto / Adobe Stock

The Mysterious Agape Tables: A Unique Feature of the Maltese Catacombs

The ancient man-made subterranean catacombs of Malta, make up an artificial tunnel system first built in prehistoric times. This vast network of tunnels connects temples, dwellings, sanctuaries and...

The Evil Eye in the Mediterranean: How to Avert Accidental Envy

The ancient Mediterranean belief of the evil eye still has its adherents today. Those who have the “eye” are thought to give bad luck unintentionally to anything or anyone that they are envious of...
The Maltese architect believed that Malta was the location of legendary Atlantis. Source: fergregory / Adobe Stock

Maltese Architect’s Obsessive Lifelong Quest to Find Atlantis

The Maltese architect Giorgio Grognet de Vassé was born in Malta in 1774, before enjoying a varied career which culminated in his architectural design of the Rotunda of Mosta. Inspired by the...
A monk inquisitor. Source: Shaman-foto /Adobe Stock

Magic, Scandal and Promiscuity, All in a Day’s Work for a Maltese Inquisitor

The Inquisition is normally associated with the ardent renegades of the Renaissance who preferred to die defending science and humanism than go along with the religious dogma that persecuted free-...
Ta’ Cenc dolmen, one of the best-preserved Megalithic dolmens in Malta, sits on the edge of the Ta' Cenc Cliffs.

Secrets Of The Stones: Malta’s Lesser-Known Megalithic Design

Malta’s prehistory is as dazzling as it is opaque. The excavations and research by archaeologists and other academics have been incredibly thorough, and have helped to create fantastic insights into...