Mazu: Legendary Guardian

Mazu: Legendary Guardian of the Chinese Seas and Social Media Marvel

Princess of Supernatural Favor, Empress of Heaven, Goddess of the South China Sea - these are just a few of the illustrious titles given to the Chinese goddess Mazu (Mat-su) since her incursion into...
Shields bearing image of Ahuizotl, Museum of Ethnology, Vienna.

Was the Ahuizotl an Aztec Mythical Creature or a Real Fisherman’s Foe?

The Ahuizotl (which may be translated from Nahuatl to mean ‘Thorny One of the Water’) is a creature found in the mythology of the Aztecs. This legendary creature is believed to inhabit the lakes and...
Ancient remains of a Peruvian shark fisherman, who was buried with two additional left legs.

Archaeologists are Stumped: Why were Ancient Shark Hunters in Peru Buried with Extra Limbs?

Archaeologists in Peru have unearthed a rather perplexing burial site dating back 1,900 years, in which the ancient inhabitants of a fishing village were buried with bonus body parts, including one...
Moche sculptural stirrup spout bottle showing a man riding a shark

Temple Discovery in Peru Sheds Light on Life of Ancient Shark Hunters

Archaeologists in Peru have discovered a 3,500-year-old temple belonging to the first fishermen of Gramalote, a village of shark hunters on the sea near Huanchaquito, according to a report in Peru...