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Artist’s impression of ancient Ur on the Euphrates. (anibal / Adobe Stock)

Mesopotamia’s Ur, A City Of Ziggurat Temples, Royal Tombs And Death Pits

Where the Euphrates River once opened its mouth into the Persian Gulf, on the southern floodplain of Mesopotamia, lies Ur, dating from the Ubaid period, circa (6500 -3800 BC), and host to the...
Krishna and Radha in the Garden ( SLRN / Adobe Stock)

Pushkar, India – Ticking The Boxes For The Location Of The Garden Of Eden

The Garden of Eden occupies a central position in the Biblical narrative but no place resembling it is found in West Asia, perhaps because the Garden could have been located at Pushkar in the state...
The Second Scorpion King of Ancient Egypt

Searching for the Lost Footsteps of the Scorpion Kings

There were two Scorpion Kings in the pre-dynastic period of ancient Egypt. They were forgotten by most of the world until Dwayne Johnson played one of the rulers in the famous movie ‘The Scorpion...
The Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man by Jan Brueghel the Elder and Pieter Paul Rubens

Do the Four Rivers Lead Us to the Garden of Eden?

In the Biblical Book of Genesis, chapter 2, the description of the Four Rivers of Eden provides clues for locating the lost garden of paradise. Following these clues leads to a connection between the...
Mari, Syria - A ziggurat near the palace.

Nearly Lost from The Pages of History, Mari Is The Oldest Known Planned City in the World

The 7,000-year-old ancient city of Mari (known today as Tell Hariri) is one of the oldest known cities in the world, located on the west bank of the Euphrates River in what was once northern...
The Triple Hecate, 1795 William Blake.

Deities or Vampires? Hecate and other Blood-Drinking Spirits of Ancient Times

Vampires are a relatively recent creation. However, most of the ancient world knew of the practice of consuming blood. It seems that this was a fascinating ritual centuries before the term ''vampire...
Genetic link between India and Mesopotamia

Study Reveals Genetic Link between Indian Subcontinent and Mesopotamia

A new study published in the journal PLoS ONE, has added to the debate regarding the origins of people inhabiting ancient Mesopotamia during the region’s long history. Results showed that the remains...