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Robert F McRoberts

Robert McRoberts is  a graduate of UCLA with degrees in Ancient History and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures.  He has a lifelong interest in History and Mythology and has published a number of articles with a focus on the ancient Near East. Some of this work can be seen at He also has a following on Face Book at where he posts updates on current events that impact our understanding of the ancient Near East. Current projects include exploring the history behind the Book of Genesis and unraveling the complex geopolitics of the Late Bronze Age.


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Detail of a man depicted on an Uruk vase, Pergamon Museum. The Uruk civilization arose as it expertly adapted to the new climate.

Rising to the Challenge: Innovative Civilizations Advanced Through Climate Change

Beginning around 90,000 years ago, during an interglacial period, Anatomically Modern Humans were able to take advantage of the favorable climatic conditions and migrate throughout Africa and into...
The Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man by Jan Brueghel the Elder and Pieter Paul Rubens

Do the Four Rivers Lead Us to the Garden of Eden?

In the Biblical Book of Genesis, chapter 2, the description of the Four Rivers of Eden provides clues for locating the lost garden of paradise. Following these clues leads to a connection between the...