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Entrance to Te’omim Cave, or Twins cave, near Jerusalem which has produced evidence of a necromancy cult. Source: Yair Aronshtam/CC BY-SA 2.0

Human Skulls from Roman Necromancy Cult Found in Cave Near Jerusalem

In Te’omim Cave in the Jerusalem Hills of central Israel, excavations that took place between 2010 and 2016 recovered a huge collection of Roman oil lamps, weapons, pieces of pottery and actual human...
Ancient cult prostitutes. Source: stockcrafter / Adobe Stock.

Ancient Goddess Cults and Temple Prostitution (Video)

In the depths of ancient civilizations, a peculiar practice intertwined sexuality with religious devotion. Revered as sacred, this ritual, known as sacred temple prostitution , involved engaging in...
The Neolithic mass grave found at Vráble, western Slovakia.	Source: Ivan Cheben, Slovak Academy of Sciences / Slovak Spectator

Mass Grave Found in Vráble: Slovakia’s Stone Age Decapitated Victims

Archaeologists digging at a Neolithic settlement site in Vrable, western Slovakia have unearthed a mass grave containing the headless remains of around three dozen people. The Vráble site is one of...
Scroll of Asclepius with an inscription. Source: Background; Alexey Pavluts / Adobe Stock, Insets; Left;CC BY-SA 3.0; Right; CC BY-SA 4.0

Second Century Asclepius Inscription Found at Anatolian Site

Archaeologists performing excavations in the ancient city of Hadrianopolis in Paphlagonia, in the Black Sea region of northern Turkey unearthed a piece of rock that contained a most revealing...
Tracing The Footprints Of The Philistines To Minoan Knossos On Crete

Tracing The Footprints Of The Philistines To Minoan Knossos On Crete

The year 1185 BC heralded a diaspora of the so-called Sea Peoples to the south-western coast of the Levantine. From the west they came in ships via the Mediterranean Sea and from the north they...
Holy Sovereignty:  How the English Church Resisted a Norman Takeover

Holy Sovereignty: How the English Church Resisted a Norman Takeover

The Norman Conquest of England in 1066 brought enormous social and political upheaval to English society. Structures and institutions that had been in place for centuries were replaced by Norman ones...
New study will help us understand more about ancient trippers by testing ancient teeth. Source: Line S. Larsen / Science

The Legacy of Ancient Trippers Stripped from Teeth

According to a 2019 paper titled Toxicology in Antiquity (Second Edition) , almost all of the Mystery Religions and cults of the ancient world “frequently, if not always, employed the use of...
Front of the main piece of the Stone Age Venus of Egerszeg Statuette recently unearthed in Hungary. Source: Göcsej Museum

Stone Age ‘Venus of Egerszeg’ Statuette Unearthed in Hungary

In Hungary , archaeologists have found a 6500-year-old idol . The incomplete figure is a female form and has been named the Venus of Egerszeg. The team who discovered the Venus of Egerszeg say the...
Samoa Cults

The Sailor Cults of Samoa

(Read Part 1 – Cannibal Jack Jones and the Beachcombers of Samoa ) In a development that was quite without parallel elsewhere, the Samoans in the 1830’s discovered a positive demand for a new...