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Atacama Giant and Cusco Temple linked to Stone Age astronomical writing

New study of Inca temple comple shows the crazy stone pattern and the layout of the walls align to astronomical writing....

The data is similar to that seen in Columbia (Muiscan Figurines) and the Atacama Giant....

It proves that the various pyramid structures in America were constructed to the exact same astronomical design as teh Great Pyramids....



Not only do I think it's

Not only do I think it's amazing that things are built using this method, I am amazed that other people put the time, effort and math into rediscovering it! As much as I have always loved math, I'm not sure I could figure this out and my hats off to people who can! 

love, light and blessings


Cheers :-)))

Cheers :-)))

I totally stumbled across this totally by accident......but once I realized what was happening I found the theory explained a whole lot of ancient mysteries, all the way from the Pyramids, to the Greek Myths surrounding the constellations.

Now trying to get a group of statisticians to analyze the data to show that the results are not a product of "chance"....

Will let you know how things progress....

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

...I'm still looking for more

...I'm still looking for more tests to try to disprove the theory.

The more tests the theory passes the stronger it becomes.....

Any good ideas?


Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts


If civilizations constructed temples and figures based upon astronomical math, one could assume they could have done this without being in contact with each other since we share a common sky. I would imagine sky watching and religious beliefs bazed upon celestial objects is as old as man himself, thus providing a common link in all civilizations



The other possibility is the knowledge dates back to the Stone Age, and the civilizations then developed separately.

THis would also explain why the religous stories around the world have so many common threads, but look so different.

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

Different stories with common points

I have discovered stories that do not resemble each other have connections through astrology. When I was mapping out the Old Testament against the sky I found something interesting in the story of Pieces. The Greco/Roman tale from my book:


 Pisces was also associated with Venus and Cupid who dove into the water and turned themselves into fish to avoid the monster Typhon. In order not to lose each other in the water, they tied themselves together [with ropes of flax]. And then hid themselves.

 Friday is the day that honors Venus the goddess of love.  Fish eaten on that day in her honor were considered an aphrodisiac, and lovemaking was done on Friday, also in her honor. Conflicts arose when Friday fell on the 13th.  Thirteen was the number of the menstruation cycle because there are 13 lunar months in a solar year. In several cultures it was taboo to make love during this time.



The Bible story includes certain elements from this tale: fish, two, hiding, sea monster, "love goddess", and flax.  Flax is the key. When Near East astro-myths mention flax,  Pieces is the only constellation with flax, i.e. the ropes of Samson were made of new flax.

However, the Biblical tale of Pieces lies in the details of the story of Joshua and the spies of Jericho . The Bible mentions that Joshua was the son of Nun. Nun means FISH. They send TWO spies into Jericho. Here they meet Rahab, a prostitute aka our VENUS. Her name means SEA MONSTER. She HIDES the TWO spies in FLAX.  Yes the devil is in the details.

The seeming mundane detail of the hiding place being made from flax is one of the most important details of the story in pinpointing it cosmically.  I have discovered this in many of the Bible stories, finding importance in seemingly insignificant details and meanings of names.  I have also discovered many times the astrology enhances a story. For instance I can tell you that astrologically Cain killed Abel with a spear...the same spear that was astrologically used to pierce Jesus in the side.

OK....we have a match between

OK....we have a match between your study and my study.

In my study Pisces overlaps with the sea monster Cetus. This would be Typhon in your accounts.

I took this from

THE KETOS AITHIOPIOS (or Ethiopian Cetus) was a sea-monster sent byPoseidon to ravage the land of Aithiopia as punishment for Queen Kassiopeia's hubristic boast that her daughter Andromeda was more beautiful than theNereides. So that links Cetus to your Venus story.


Now in my accounts this region of the map the South Pacific is linked to Agriculture.

....the Romans linked Venus originally with Agriculture.

So that is a match to.


Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

The other constellation

The other constellation linked to this region is Virgo...Virgo is also linked to agriculture.

There appears to be many stories linking Venus to Virgo.


Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

Changing you

Changing you have any overlaps between the constellations Leo, and Pegasus

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

My writing theory does not

My writing theory does not overlap with yours.

Pegasus is linked to the adjacent constellations. I have no direct linking to Leo, although all the constellation interlink through each other. Leo was a larger Arabic constellation known as "Asad." It emcompessed Leo, Virgo, Cancer, Coma, Libra, amd maybe the Northern Crown and parts of Gemini. However, the smaller constellations existed within the larger one. The head of Virgo was at the rib of Leo. This accounts for the rib story in Adam and Eve as well as Ninti, the Sumerian story of the "Lady of the Rib." The proof for this comes when the Greeks permantly dissolved Asad and created Leo. The head of Virgo was now at the lion's tail and not his rib.

The Jews now had a story that was astrologically incorrect, but they couldn't change it. So the Rabbis created a midrash which contradicted the original story claiming Adam had a tail and Eve was made from Adam's tail.

Pegasus was used for the destruction of Jericho and various cities. It is at the foot of Pegasus which laps with the swan that Joshua stopped the sun. This was the spot where in Greek legend the sun was stolen and driven across the sky. It was the home of the night time sun. In ancient times a supernova occured in this region which light up the night, an event which could be seen for 1,000s of years but which has greatly diminished over time. This event should be recorded in all ancient cultures one way or another.

Pegasus and Leo are both connected to the sun, but not each other per se.





Still interested in hearing about your constellation theory for writing.....and to see how it compares to the theroy of linear angular values.

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts




I really haven't worked on the theory in any detail. It was in reference to Hebrew letters corresponding to constellations. Each Hebrew letter has a sepecific meaning, almost like Tarot cards. My intent was to match each letter to a constellation based on my research of OT cosmic myths. My hope was for the letter to match the design of the constellation. When I started looking at it, I could never get the proper starting point or pattern. There must be a pattern if this is true. The main problem is that the constellations way out number the letters. I have to figure out which constellations to drop and or combine. This was a little too monumental of a task with too many variables. I opted just to stick to the Cosmic Myth aspect of the Bible, and even with that I had to come up with a different date and location of the first text as well as a different way the OT was constructed. These were 3 major theories combined into one. I wasn't going to toss in a fourth idea that I wasn't sure about, especially if it was haphazardly conceived as that would tarnish the rest of my thesis.

Talked to some statisticians

Talked to some statisticians and they seemed to agree that this is a good way to test the intention of the artist...

Ask 100 people to look at the drawing of the Atacama Giant and with a Ruler try to replicate the drawing as best as they can. A reference mark is provided for due east.

Once the drawings are complete see if any of the drawings can be forced to align to the astronomical list provided.

Next tell the participants that they must draw each line as close as possible to the angular values presented in the list, but they are only able to draw by hand with no other aid....they simply have to guess the angle.

Again the results are compared to the preset values.

If in neither case no good overlap is produced, the fact that the Atacama giant does provide a match to the preset values is indication the result is menaingful...

If anyone can produce a match...they then have to do the same with five muiscan figurines.

The test is to see how quickly the number drops to zero, and ot then compare with the list of some 70 odd Stone Age artifacts already studied successfully.

I'm guessing that there will be no one left standing after 3 rounds.....

anyone want to give it a try?

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

Any Statisticians Out There?

Ohh is anyone out there a statisticians (with a degree in statistical analysis)?

Archaeologists have said to me that they really do not know how to analyze this new theory, and when I suggested to go the statistical route they thought it was a great idea.



Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts

Some new data from Australia

Some new data from Australia

This is a stone etched on three sides. Each side links to the other with the lines drawn to the same values found in South America and the Blombos Ochres in South Africa.

This  with the 500,000 year old shell just uncovered ow proves my theory that astronomical studies began circa 500,000 years ago, and they created a basic form of writing using the astronomical values.

I think this is the world language referred to in biblical texts 

Dr. Derek Cunningham
Author: The Map that Talked and The Babel Texts