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Lead white was a lethal pigment. Source: rodjulian / Adobe Stock.

Lead White Was a Lethal Pigment That Painted a Deadly History

Lead white, a pigment as notorious as it is historic, has painted a perilous line through human history. For over two millennia, this deceptively vibrant hue has been a silent killer , lurking in the...
The Belles Herues of Jean de France, duc de Berry. The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Public Domain.

The Teen Prodigies Behind This 15th Century French Picture Book (Video)

Within the realm of 15th-century French artistry , the Belles Heures emerges as a striking showcase of the Limbourg Brothers' talents. This exquisitely crafted manuscript, commissioned by Jean de...
Trine Freiesleben and Jean-Claude discussing the fingerprints and where to take OSL samples. Source: Kristina Thomsen / PLoS ONE

Study Finds Oldest Ever Neanderthal Cave Engravings, Destroying Established Timeline

In recent years, interest in the subject of Neanderthal cave art has exploded, as new discoveries have illuminated the fascinating truth about the artistic abilities and advanced symbolic...
A bronze sculpture, representational. Source: DivineWorld / Adobe Stock

How Metal Artists In India Are Keeping A 4,500-Year-Old Craft Alive (Video)

Despite the challenges, metal artists in India are working to keep the ancient craft of Dhokra art alive. This traditional craft involves the use of a non-ferrous metal, often brass or bronze, to...
Fourteen Living Descendants of Leonardo da Vinci Identified in Study

Fourteen Living Descendants of Leonardo da Vinci Identified in Study

Two Italian historians have announced they have found the “lost descendants” of Leonardo da Vinci after a 10-year-long quest into the family tree of the famous polymath, inventor, and artist. Italian...
Painting of a Menehune or the first Hawaiian people from 1933 by D. Howard Hitchcock.

The Menehune: Historical Accounts of the Mythical ‘Little People’ of Hawaii

The Menehune: Historical Accounts of the Mythical ‘Little People’ of Hawaii The mention of the name conjures up images of little people, tiny artisans fervently working through the night to complete...
Enlarged entrance to Carn Euny fogou.

Caves and Portals: The Hidden World Beneath Us & Rites of Passage

To enter the famous European caves of Lascaux, Chauvet, Altamira, Pech Merle and many others is to enter another world. You are greeted by a whole menagerie of hauntingly beautiful representations of...
A pecked petroglyph of a reed boat I the Nag el-Hamdulab cycle in Egypt.

Ancient Symbols of Power: Royal Egyptian Rock Art of Nag el-Hamdulab Depict Rule of State and Military Might

An ancient king—heralded by standard bearers and trailing a retinue of soldiers, fan bearers, powerful beasts and deities—projects power and military might in elaborate scenes carved into the very...
2,400-year-old Egyptian coffin with amateurish images

Rare scenes on ancient Egyptian coffin reveal influence of Persian Empire occupation

A coffin from ancient Egypt has been revealed decorated with rare and unusual art that is not typical of the Egyptian style, demonstrating how much is lost when a civilization loses its most highly...