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The Belles Herues of Jean de France, duc de Berry. The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Public Domain.

The Teen Prodigies Behind This 15th Century French Picture Book (Video)

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Within the realm of 15th-century French artistry, the Belles Heures emerges as a striking showcase of the Limbourg Brothers' talents. This exquisitely crafted manuscript, commissioned by Jean de France, Duke of Berry, boasts 172 illustrations. The trio of brothers, ranging in age from their mid-teens to early twenties, exhibited extraordinary artistic prowess. Initially, their compositional skills may have wavered, but as they delved deeper into their work, their creativity soared. Notably, the Belles Heures incorporates picture book insertions highlighting saints and pivotal Christian events favored by the duke. Among these is an image portraying a Christian tempted by the Devil in a beguiling guise.

What sets the Belles Heures apart is the brothers' dedication to weaving a cohesive narrative through their illustrations. They pioneered the use of atmospheric perspective in Northern art, expertly capturing the play of moonlight and sunlight on natural forms, creating a more naturalistic landscape than ever seen before in the North. As we study these picture book cycles, our appreciation for this work of art deepens with our own accumulated experiences. The Limbourg Brothers' journey through artistic innovation in the Belles Heures reminds us that true artistry evolves and matures over time, much like our own perception of their masterpiece.

Top image: The Belles Herues of Jean de France, duc de Berry. The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Public Domain.

By Robbie Mitchell

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