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Jim Willis

After graduating from the Eastman School of Music , Jim Willis  became a high school band and orchestra teacher during the week, a symphony trombonist on the weekends, a jazz musician at night and a choral conductor on Sunday mornings.  The author of nine books on religion and spirituality, he has been an ordained minister for over forty years while working part-time as a carpenter, the host of his own drive-time radio show, an arts council director and adjunct college professor in the fields of World Religions and Instrumental Music.  His teaching career produced both the comprehensive one-volume encyclopedia of religion,  The Religion Book,  and Armageddon Now: The End of the World A to Z,  written with his wife, Barbara.  Both were published by Visible Ink Press.  Concern for spiritual growth in contemporary society prompted his book  Faith, Trust & Belief: A Trilogy of the Spirit , while his love for long-distance bicycling led him to make several cross-country bike trips and inspired his first book,  Journey Home: The Inner Life of a Long Distance  Bicycle Rider  and its sequel,  Snapshots and Visions: A View from the Now .  Savannah: A Bicycle Journey Through Time and Space  continued in that tradition.  His current residence in the woods of South Carolina inspired his books,  The Dragon Awakes: Rediscovering Earth Energy in the Age O f Science, Ancient Gods: Lost Histories, Hidden Truths and the Conspiracy of Silence,   Supernatural Gods: Spiritual Mysteries, Psychic Experiences, and Scientific Truths. And his latest: Lost Civilizations: The Secret Histories and Suppressed Technologies of the Ancients.

Lost Civilizations

Unearthing the scientific evidence, myths, and legends of ancient civilization! The reminders of the Ancients are everywhere. They are saved in remnants in archaeology. They are found in reminiscences in mythology. They are recorded in books, story, song, and stone. Who were these people, aliens, man-or-myths? Do we still see their influences today? What remains of these inhabitants of the jungles, lost cities, and dwellings underground, underwater and beyond? How did they rise? Why did they fall? Will they rise again? From pyramids and underground bunkers to watery graves and ancient astronauts , Lost Civilizations: The Secret Histories and Suppressed Technologies of the Ancients examines the archaeological evidence and the traces left behind by more than 70 ancient civilizations.


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An artistic depiction of the Maritime Archaic culture, at the Port au Choix Archaeological Site. The Maritime Archaic peoples were the first to settle Newfoundland. (David W Enstrom / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Maritime Archaic Culture: The Red Paint People Of Newfoundland

About 5,000 years ago, when the Phoenicians dominated the Mediterranean trade routes and were, perhaps, beginning to venture out into the Atlantic as far west as North America, and when a mysterious...
Lewis and Clark Statue in Seaside, Oregon (pngstudio / Adobe Stock)

Conspiracy: Meriwether Lewis And Thomas Jefferson’s Missing Documents

Some lost treasures do not consist of gold, silver, or precious gems, yet their value exceeds monetary reckoning. Some even consider these lost treasures priceless, and a few seem to be cursed,...
AI generated image of a ship in a storm (Stream Skins / Adobe Stock)

The Curse Of The 1715-Spanish Plate Fleet: Run Aground On The Coast Of Treasure

On July 24, 1715, a convoy of 11 Spanish ships and one French merchantman set sail from Havana, Cuba to Spain. It was called a “Plate Fleet” because their cargo consisted of valuable treasure looted...
AI Generated image depicting Aztec warrior looking towards the setting sun – (  ivan / Adobe Stock)

Tamoanchan: In Search Of The Origins Of The Aztecs

About 1,800 years ago, a group of people migrating from an unknown northern location began to settle in what is now called the Valley of Mexico. They are called Aztec, a name derived from the word...
Panoramic view of Stonehenge with rainbow - United Kingdom (muratart / Adobe Stock)

Roman Origins Of A Pot At The End Of The Rainbow

Why are there so many songs about rainbows and what's on the other side? Rainbows are visions, but only illusions, and rainbows have nothing to hide. So we've been told and some choose to believe it...
Fresco of Paul’s Conversion, by Michelangelo  (1542-45) in the Vatican Cappella Paolina (Public Domain)

Near-Death-Experiences Of The Ancients

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle formed a trio toward the middle of the fourth century BC in ancient Greece to become the most well-known philosophers who ever lived. They were the founders of the...
Sermon and Deeds of the Antichrist by Luca Signorelli  (1499) (Public Domain)

Prophets For Profit: Telling The Future - Fiction, Fact Or Funny

Technically speaking, a prophet is one who is believed to speak for God, but generally speaking, when people hear the word ‘prophet’, they tend to think of one who sees the future. In popular...
Zero Point Field: Know Ye Not That Ye Are Gods?

Zero Point Field: Know Ye Not That Ye Are Gods?

“ Know ye not that ye are Gods ” reads Psalm 82 verse 6 and John 10 verse 34. It is quite a radical thought, but some scientists are beginning to entertain a rather shocking speculation that might...
Venturing Into The Symbolic Landscape Of Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest

Venturing Into The Symbolic Landscape Of Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest

The site of Sherwood Forest , legendary home of ‘Robin Hood and his Merry Men’ lies a bit more than 240 kilometers (150 miles) west of London. In the 1200s, which is usually considered by many to be...
Taş Tepeler: Anatolia’s Land Of Great Transformation

Taş Tepeler: Anatolia’s Land Of Great Transformation

Taş Tepeler means “Stone Hills” and refers to an area covering some 200 kilometers (124 miles) in ancient Anatolia, now Turkey, in the vicinity of present day Şanlıurfa . The Turkish Tourist Board...
Panspermia theory argues that life came to Earth from elsewhere in our galaxy or even further away.(Dmitry / Adobe Stock)

Gods Galactica, The Kardashev Scale: Mankind’s Future Destiny Prophesized

“ But where is Everybody ?” asks the Fermi Paradox in the 1950’s regarding intelligent civilizations in the universe. In 1964, a 32-year-old Soviet/Russian astrophysicist named Nikolai Semyonovich...
This undated photo made available by the National Park Service in September 2021 shows fossilized human footprints at the White Sands National Park in New Mexico. ( National Parks Service )

Ancient Ancestors Walking All Over Clovis First Academics

21st Century man is very conscious of the carbon footprint he leaves behind, but footprints of people who lived about 23,000 years ago have just walked all over modern man’s Clovis First Theory. The...
The Bocksten Man is the remains of a Medieval male body found in a bog in Varberg Municipality, Sweden (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Windover Bog Bodies Resetting Human Habitation Timeline In America

When anthropologists think about bog bodies, their thoughts usually turn to Ireland. Waterlogged sections of land rich in dead plant material that has, over the centuries, converted to peat, provides...
The four evangelists by Peter Paul Rubens. Sanssouci Picture Gallery. (1614) (Public Domain)

A Genesis Apocryphon: Are Humans Offspring Of Gods?

When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1946, and gradually released to the public over the course of the next few decades, it provided valuable insight into the minds of those who wrote the...
Alternative to the Big Bang theory (Image: Courtesy Micki Pistorius Deriv)

Cosmology From Anthropic Principle to Irreducible Complexity And Beyond

Who Did It? Did God Do It? The very idea that the universe had a beginning was so troubling to Sir Fred Hoyle that when he was promoted to Lecturer in Mathematics at Cambridge in 1948, he published...
Australopithecus Afarensis (procy_ab / Adobe Stock)

The Origins Of Mankind: Was There An African Eve?

Archaeogenetics is a fascinating science. Accepted current research suggests that every human being on earth is descended in an unbroken line, traced through their mothers in a genetic system called...