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Siege weapon in action. Source: Smulsky / Adobe Stock.

15 of Ancient History’s Most Ingenious Siege Weapons (Video)


Warfare has been a constant throughout human history, and with it, the development of increasingly sophisticated weaponry to overcome defensive fortifications. The ancient world was no exception, and siege warfare was a common tactic used to conquer enemy cities and strongholds. To accomplish this, ancient armies employed an array of ingenious siege weapons that varied from simple battering rams to complex machines capable of launching projectiles with deadly accuracy.

From the ballista, a giant crossbow first used by the ancient Greeks, to the trebuchet, which could hurl projectiles weighing over 1,000kg with ease, our ancestors were no slouches when it came to creating devastating weaponry.  As technology advanced, so did the sophistication of these ancient siege weapons, with some armies even employing early forms of flamethrowers and chemical weapons. While the brutality of ancient siege warfare may seem barbaric by modern standards, the ingenuity and engineering prowess displayed in these ancient siege weapons are a testament to humanity's endless quest for innovation and advancement.

Top image: Siege weapon in action. Source: Smulsky / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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