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Australia’s Stonehenge

The Resurrection of Australia’s Stonehenge


According to Frederic Slater, who was the President of the Australian Archaeological and Education Research Society, an Original stone arrangement he and a colleague were investigating throughout 1939, since assumed to be lost for the last 63 years, is “the Stonehenge of Australia.” As impressive as this complex of stone arrangements was, and will be again, it is much more than a collection of rocks, signs and symbols positioned on a mound. According to Slater, “the mound is one of the oldest; I should say the oldest, forms of temples in the world and dates back to the … advent of first man.” Not only was the mound the first temple, the narrative and wisdom chronicled is as profound as it is sublime, so much so that Slater claimed it formed “the basis of all knowledge, all science, all history and all forms of writing.”

These are extremely bold claims to make, because modern humanity is assumed to have had its genesis in Africa. We are told a few restless inquisitive souls set foot outside African soil some 60,000 years ago and spread their culture and genes. There is no room in this theoretical construct for Australia to be anything other than an afterthought and merely an African colony peopled by mariners who surely spoke before setting sail to Australia.

The First Sacred Language Slater claimed to have deciphered is very complex, multi-layered and at his last count of “28,000 words,” far more diverse and complicated than what could be assumed in relation to the very first language spoken on Earth. We are of the belief this complex language spread throughout most of the coastal regions of Australia unified under Southern Law. Historical and linguistic texts propose that the first tongue was crude and limited to the most basic emotions and objects, which then slowly increased in number and sophistication. Not the other way around, here a symbol can have four different meanings. This formalised method of communication was made up of numbers, hand signs, stone arrangements, elements, trees, letter sounds, animal shapes, etc. The intricate combination of all manner of apparently unrelated themes and disciplines creating a seamless blend into one formal script, is in contradiction to the expected rudimentary linguistic starting point, and calls into question many assumptions relating to human ascension and development.

Leaving aside that the first reports in from Original Elders of Lore as to the integrity of Slater’s claims are indeed in accord, the logistics, technology and labour involved in creating this mound was unparalleled in this country and deserving of further archaeology on site. By my estimation after viewing from a discreet distance, the hundreds of tonnes of sand, clay and sandstone that make up one mound deposited on top of this flat swampy plain is not part of the local geology. According to Slater and his co-worker, the closest deposit of sandstone was more than twenty kilometers away. The problem is, until the arrival of Cook no-one in this country had a wheel, pulley, wheelbarrow or metal chisel to cut and move the rocks twenty metres, and nor is there any other example of an Original mound or stone arrangement weighing over a tonne.

Of course Slater’s conclusions are his opinions and deserve scrutiny, but there are facts that stand apart. Frederic Slater was an eminent Egyptologist, he was the President of the Australian Archaeological Research and Education Society, and Government officials approached the landholder in 1940 and threatened to confiscate their land simply because of these standing stones: these are facts. His opinions and our confirmation, is obviously up for debate and alternative explanations, but with the bounty of archaeology on site and Elders confirming Slater’s translation, there seems to be nothing else on offer.

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African Pygmies are the only people consistently associated
worldwide who have a connection to such monuments.
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