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Prehistoric monument Newgrange. Source: MNStudio / Adobe Stock.

Inside the Sacred Tomb of Newgrange: A Fascinating Look at Prehistoric Ireland (Video)

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In County Meath, Ireland, stands one of the most mysterious ancient structures in the world - Newgrange. This massive stone tomb, built around 3200 BC, predates famous monuments like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid. It's almost the size of a football field and contains an estimated 200,000 tons of stone. What's most intriguing about Newgrange is its unique design, including a tri-spiral symbol and a passage leading into the interior.

However, the most curious aspect of its design is the glimmering golden beam of sunlight that enters the tomb only one day a year - on the day of winter solstice. This has led archaeologists to theorize that Newgrange was not only a tomb but also a place where the living communicated with the dead and served as a gateway into the afterlife.

Top image: Prehistoric monument Newgrange. Source: MNStudio / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell



Thoroughly enjoyed the video and thoughts on this phenomenal 5000 year old tomb/portal/gateway/...

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