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David Elkington

Author Bio: David Elkington is an academic and historian, specializing in Egyptology and Egypto-Palestinian links. Known for his work on the Jordan Lead Codices—the earliest known initiatory Christian documents—he is the co-author of The Case for the Jordan Codices. He has lectured at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and appeared on many television programs, including Forbidden History. He lives in The Hague, Netherlands.


In his latest book The Ancient Language of Sacred Sound the Acoustic Science of the Divine, by exploring the acoustic connections between the Earth, the human brain, and sacred spaces, David Elkington shows how humanity maintained a direct line of communication with Mother Earth and the Divine through the construction of sacred sites, such as Stonehenge, Newgrange, Machu Picchu, Chartres Cathedral, and the pyramids of both Egypt and Mexico. He reveals how human writing in its original hieroglyphic form was a direct response to the divine sound patterns of sacred sites, showing how, for example, recognizable hieroglyphs appear in sand patterns when the sacred frequencies of the Great Pyramid are activated. Looking at ancient hero legends—those about the bringers of important knowledge or language—Elkington explains how these myths form the source of ancient religion and have a unique mythological resonance, as do the sites associated with them. The author then reveals how religion, including Christianity, is an ancient language of acoustic science given expression by the world’s sacred sites and shows that power places played a profound role in the development of human civilization.


The Ancient Language of Sacred Sound

The Ancient Language of Sacred Sound


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The Great Pyramid Of Giza Enacting The Rite Of Rebirth

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The Ancient Language Of Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Science Of The Divine

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