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David Elkington is an independent academic. He has written on a variety of subjects and is the author of In the Name of the Gods, an acclaimed academic thesis on resonance and the acoustical origins of religion and script. David is primarily an Egyptologist, specialising in Egypto-Palestinian links that have inevitably drawn him into the field of Biblical Studies. He is co-author of The Case for the Jordan Codices with Prof Philip Davies. Perhaps ironically, David comes from a family of famous metal-workers - silversmiths to be exact. 

Jennifer Solignac read Art and European History at the American University in Paris. After working in the arts in Paris, she relocated to London in 1996 and set up a consultancy as an independent literary publicist and copywriter. She is co-author of the Acadia text, The Case for the Jordan Codices.

Since 2007, she and David have dedicated their time to researching and trying to protect the codices and to making them available for scholarly analysis whilst supporting their repatriation to Jordan.


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