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After obtaining a BA Honours in Classics from the University of Leeds, and a PGDE from University College London, a flexible schedule as a Design and Technology teacher has led me to spend long periods of time living abroad. I believe a broad scope of interests provide a basis to research and write about a range of topics, however my primary focus is on matters concerning ancient mystery and civilisation. My passions for scuba diving and hiking push me to travel extensively, seeking out first-hand experience of ancient sites and cultures wherever I end up. It is my hope to make ancient history relevant and more accessible to the wider audience.

Please find more of my work on my personal Substack (, where I focus on the ancient past and the interconnected future.

Please feel free to contact me at: [email protected]


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Quantum computer-based simulation of a deuteron - when a neutron (in blue) and a proton (in red) bind together within a nucleus. Source: OLCF / CC BY 2.0

Use of Quantum Sensors at Megalithic Sites

The quantum: that pesky stuff hiding sub-atomically. Our world is made up of matter, and that matter is made up of atoms. If we were to grab our tape measure, the quantum space deals with matter...
Gobekli Tepe or the “Pot-Bellied Hill”: The site where paradigms were shifted, dogma was broken and our understanding of human history changed forever. Source: mehmet / Adobe Stock

Can Gobekli Tepe Reveal Prehistoric Masonic Secrets?

Our journey begins with the Freemasons . This late sixteenth century group occupies a strange, almost mythical place in modern popular culture and, while evoking many conspiracies, the self-...
The mystique of megalithic Japan is largely misunderstood, and it seems that the government does not care to find out more. From Yonaguni to Ishi-no-Hoden, let’s delve deeper into the unknown. Pictured: Divers inspecting the underwater site of Yonaguni in Japan. Source: nudiblue / Adobe stock

Unravelling the Lesser-known Laser-sharp Cuts of Megalithic Japan

A hurdle in the way of many Western researchers of megalithic Japan is the mystique that surrounds the history of the combined 6,800 islands that piece together the archipelago of Nippon - a place...
Research shows that Egypt’s pyramids and other megaliths worldwide are able to collect and focus electromagnetic energy. Could this be linked to accessing genetic memory and savant-like abilities? Pictured: a representation of the power of the mind. Source: agsandrew / Adobe stock

How the Ancients Accessed Genetic Memory and Savant-Like Abilities

The concept known as “genetic memory” is much less studied and far more controversial than what we know as “regular” memory. Whilst there are a multitude of other examples in animals (see: Gallagher...
Bird flying over Sigiriya / Lion Rock in Sri Lanka.         Source: Givaga / Adobe stock

How Sigiriya’s Ancient Connections Question Dogmatic World History

Sigiriya - literally translating to ‘Lion Rock’, pales in comparison to its famed Egyptian counterpart - not through a lack of sheer, grandiose scale, it is by no means unimpressive in either size or...
Ancient Mariners: Transoceanic Voyages Before the Europeans

Ancient Mariners: Transoceanic Voyages Before the Europeans

The idea that humans have been completing transoceanic voyages - traveling the earth via our oceans - before Europeans set sail is, in many people's eyes, an accepted conclusion. Yet it is still...
The Acropolis Athens (where the cyclopean wall can be found) during sunset.             Source: sea and sun / Adobe stock

The Acropolis' Cyclopean Wall, Sages and Our Deeply Connected Past

The Athenian Acropolis . This rocky citadel sits alone, striking out imposingly against the backdrop of the dry, blue Mediterranean sky. Towering 490 feet (150 meters) over the modern cityscape, the...