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Traditional Chinese bride. Source: Jeronimo Ramos / Adobe Stock.

Choosing a Chinese Emperor’s Bride Required Intense Scrutiny (Video)

The selection of a bride for a Chinese Emperor involved meticulous scrutiny, a process far from ordinary. The privilege of making this crucial choice belonged to the Emperor's mother, the most senior...
A yin yang symbol.

The Yin Yang Symbol: A Philosophy of Chaos and Harmony

The complementary nature of Yin and Yang are perhaps best illustrated by the iconic black-and-white yin-yang symbol. Yet, the philosophy behind the concept can apply to many things. The ancient...
In Asia the dragon is also an ambivalent symbol representing the Yin and Yang. (Dvarg / Adobe)

A Tale of Taming Dragons, Chinese Symbol of Divine Power and Defeater of Evil

The dragon is a Chinese symbol of excellence and the Chinese consider themselves to be “The Descendants of the Dragon.” In the distant past, in China, the dragon was the symbol of the emperor, while...
Fire and Water Hands

The Relationship that Started it All and Changed the World: The Yin Yang & Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate

Chinese mythology and cosmology rest on the concept that the universe is shaped and maintained by two fundamental forces called yin and yang. They are opposite yet complementary forces that interact...
A well-preserved skeleton in one of the 18 tombs that had several types of grave goods in the Ruins of Yin, an area called the Chinese cradle of civilization.

Archaeologists Discover Undisturbed Tombs of Ancient Nomads in the Cradle of Chinese Civilization

Archaeologists in China’s Henan Province have excavated about 90 tombs, 18 of which contained golden earrings and turquoise artifacts, bronze and iron pots, and short swords. The 18 graves, of the...