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Isa Vald

Isa Vald has always been interested in history, archaeology, mythology, ancient mysteries and the supernatural. She has studied many aspects of the unexplained and of historical and mythological enigmas. She has always tried to find out the truth behind mysteries and the unexplained. In this way, Isa Vald has accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge regarding her domains of research. Now, she discusses such topics in a new manner by offering exquisite and interesting information in this regard.


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In Asia the dragon is also an ambivalent symbol representing the Yin and Yang. (Dvarg / Adobe)

A Tale of Taming Dragons, Chinese Symbol of Divine Power and Defeater of Evil

The dragon is a Chinese symbol of excellence and the Chinese consider themselves to be “The Descendants of the Dragon.” In the distant past, in China, the dragon was the symbol of the emperor, while...
There are numerous hidden Romanian treasures. Source: samiramay / Adobe.

Hidden Romanian Treasures– A Cursed History

People have spoken of hidden Romanian treasures for generations. Some of these stories are terrible, but each tale involves mystery, curses , and legends. Some even speak of how entire subterranean...
A dark wizard (venerala / Adobe Stock)

Involuntary Initiation: Tales of Demonic Powers of Sorcery Transmitted to the Unsuspecting

It is said that in certain cases and under certain circumstances an individual can obtain special powers at the mere contact with a sorcerer without any kind of previous initiation. Such ancient...
Icelandic books of magic, occult books.

Icelandic Sorcerers and the Books of Black Magic They Coveted

The once highly rich tradition of Icelandic books of magic of the 16th and the 17th centuries has survived only in a fragmentary state. Despite this fact, Icelandic folktales speak about the...
Magical Mythology of Winter

The Mythology of Winter: 7 Supernatural Beliefs and Magical Rituals From Around the World

According to ancient folklore, some supernatural beings can only manifest when it is cold. Others use the cold to their advantage in order to achieve a certain result. When spirits appear, they...
Tibet Death Ritual is practiced by experienced lamas  not novice monks.

The Beauty of Death, Dying and Rebirth in Tibetan Buddhist Rituals

In Tibet they have a lot of interesting beliefs and rituals regarding death and the world beyond. There is even a ritual exclamation which a lama who officiates makes near the body of the deceased in...
The Black Book is said to hold all the magical practices in opposition to the divine.

The Black Book - Source of Devils Magic that Wizards Wager Their Soul to Obtain

The Black Book is said to hold within its pages all the magical practices which are in opposition to the divine. The idea regarding the existence of such a book is very old and it appears briefly in...